10 Biggest Dating Turn Offs for Single Women in Philadelphia

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Struggling in the Philly dating scene? No luck hitting it off with the ladies?

Many people will tell you to be yourself and not change the way you are for anyone, especially when it comes to dating. But you have tried being yourself many times and it has led you nowhere with women. You see, when it comes to dating, the way you portray yourself will make all the difference in your success. Most single women in Philadelphia are very easy to please, as long as you know what they’re looking for out of dating.

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The Biggest Turn Offs for Single Women in Philadelphia

You don’t have to be Prince Charming to win women over; however, you must know how to behave properly around women, particularly in the beginning stages of dating. Whether you are just starting to see someone or you’re venturing out in the Philadelphia dating scene, our Philly matchmakers have some bad dating habits you must avoid—these bad habits will turn women off immediately and cost you any chance you might have had with her.

1. Letting Her Pay

Don’t invite her out on a date and expect her to pay for it. This is one of the biggest turn offs for single women in Philadelphia. Okay, so you know she owns her own company or perhaps everyone has told you that women are okay paying nowadays. While it is possible she will not mind paying, if you’re inviting her out on a date, the polite thing to do is pay for it.

Women, especially those searching for a real relationship, want to ensure the man they’re seeing is capable of paying for the bill. If you are broke, don’t invite her on a date.

2. Forgetting & Cancelling Dates

If you have agreed to go out on a date on Friday, make sure you remember and make sure you’re there. You have no clue how much time women devote to getting ready for a date. It takes a lot of preparation for her to get ready, so you must not cancel or forget to show up. She has most likely gone to the salon or purchased a new outfit to see you, so don’t disappoint.

Your job is to clear your calendar and remember that you have a date with a good looking woman. Not showing up, forgetting, or canceling last minute is a huge turn off for women.

3. Suffocating Her with Attention

You might believe that putting women on a pedestal is the way to win their heart, but you’re taking the wrong approach. If you put her on a pedestal during the first few dates, she’s going to think you’re desperate. Why, you might be asking… Well, it’s simple. Women, just like men, enjoy the challenge, and if you put her on a pedestal too soon, it will become boring because there is no challenge—for some women, it’s even cringe-worthy. Although women do enjoy when a man melts for them, they don’t like it when he becomes needy or desperate.

4. Being Passive

Women want to be in charge sometimes, but if they notice they’re the ones initiating everything, they’re bound to get exhausted. They want a man who takes charge and makes decision, not one who has no idea what he wants and no idea how to get it. You need to be in charge of planning the dates. Why? Because it’s sexy when a man takes the lead.

5. Always Checking Your Phone

When you’re out on a date with a woman, you must ensure you’re spending quality time together. You should be giving her your undivided attention. Don’t check your social media and don’t respond to text messages. Constantly checking your phone is a surefire way to turn her off. Even one glance is enough to put her off. Unless you have an emergency, your phone should be kept away at all times.

6. Being Rude to the Wait Staff or Animals

They say you can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat those who can’t do anything for them. Pay attention to the way you treat the wait staff, animals, or salespeople, because she is watching you. If you shoo an outside dog, insult a homeless guy, or get pushy with the wait staff, she will be immediately turned off by you—and there’s no coming back from this one.

7. Showing Up Late

This is not really a deal breaker, but it’s sure to set the wrong tone for the date. It simply shows her that you did not clear enough time for the date—and that she is not important enough to make time for. It is a huge turn off for women when they get ready for a date and their date doesn’t show up on time.

8. Borrowing Money

Come on now, you’re much better than this. Borrowing money from a woman shows her that you are not well off financially, which is a huge turn off. When a woman searches for a relationship-minded man, she wants to ensure he’s financially stable. If you are borrowing money for lunch or gas money, you’re going to turn her off.

9. Trying to Rush Sex

One of the biggest turn offs for single women in Philadelphia is when the man they’re seeing tries to rush sex. It might have been a year or two since you were in a relationship, but that doesn’t give you the right to rush sex. Sexual innuendos are a big no-no in the dating world.

10. Bad Hygiene

This one needs no explanation. Women are very selective with the men they date, and they don’t want to date someone who smells like the locker room. If you have bad breath, dirty fingernails, or generally look unkempt, take it from us, she’s going to pass on you. First impressions are imperative in dating. But more importantly, you should want to have good hygiene. Make sure you take care of your hygiene from head to toe, not just for her but for yourself.

Now that you know the biggest turn offs for single women in Philadelphia, we hope you can finally achieve the dating success you’re after. If you’re having a hard time finding quality single women in Philly, contact our expert matchmakers here at Philadelphia Singles Matchmaking Service and let us help you meet the right woman for your life.

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