5 Reasons Online Dating in Philadelphia Doesn't Lead to Love

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While finding a date on a local dating site might be a piece of cake—since there are so many options available—finding a meaningful relationship is a whole other issue. Going through the banter of chatting it up for hours and agreeing to meet for drinks was the easy part. But once you actually meet up, it’s a completely different story.

Either they look nothing like they do on their profile or they’re not looking for a real relationship. They just want to hook up. Online dating in Philadelphia rarely leads to love, and that’s something we know firsthand here at Philadelphia Singles.

Below are a few undeniable reasons why it’s hard to find a real relationship through online dating sites. If you’re thinking of doing the online dating in Philadelphia thing, take a look at why you’re not likely to find love through online dating sites.

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1. People have too many options, so they’re picky.

Everyone is guilty of swiping over someone who doesn’t look like a beautiful model. Both men and women are guilty of this one. It’s true, the online dating world revolves around looks. And since singles on dating sites have many options to choose from, people don’t give anyone a chance anymore unless they’re an 8, 9, or 10.

2. Intentions are always unclear.

Say you went out on a date with someone because you really liked them and wanted to get to know them. However, that person showed up to the date because they thought they could convince you to go back to their place to show you their vacation pictures from the Bahamas. While there’s nothing wrong with that, those who are looking for a serious relationship don’t want to deal with that. Intentions are always unclear in the world of online dating.

3. It raises standards to unbelievable proportions.

Because you have a long line of suitors waiting to take you out on a date, it can make you trigger happy when it comes to rejecting people. Rather than enjoying a first date and being curious about a second, you might catch yourself thinking they weren’t good enough.

Not that there’s anything wrong with having standards. But in the world of online dating, they’re over-inflated.

4. You only get one version of the person.

Think of Tinder: people only use their best pictures. So, of course, they’re showcasing their most interesting side. Your vacation pictures are out there, your funny quotes and profile tags, and everything you share presents you in the best possible way.

When you meet that person, you’ll be surprised that they’re nothing like they portrayed themselves to be online. But encountering that is just a part of online dating, which is why many singles are disappointed with dating sites.

5. Ghosting is super easy.

When you don’t like someone in the world of online dating, you simply stop answering them. Boom! They’re gone out of your life. You can literally block a person and never hear from them again—destroying their feelings in the process. It’s as easy as that.

When you have the option to cut ties behind a screen, ghosting becomes popular. If you happen to be on the receiving end of ghosting, you know firsthand how much it hurts.

Working with local singles for nearly 30 years, we’ve heard many horror stories about the world of online dating. If you’re tired of swiping or clicking, it’s time to let our matchmakers here at Philadelphia Singles do the matching for you. It’s time to let us help you date like you deserve. To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today!


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