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It happens to a lot of women in Philly. Whether he tricked you into believing that he wasn’t or you just found yourself blinded by infatuation and only came to realize it once it was too late. Of course your friends and family saw it coming and knew it all along. And as much as you tried to convince yourself that he would change and improve his life, he didn’t. He doesn’t have any aspirations, he is incapable of doing things as an adult, and he doesn’t know how to get ahead in life. Why? Because he doesn’t want to. He is happy with the way his life is going and doesn’t want to change a thing. Does that sound like your boyfriend? If so, you’re dating a loser.

As the best matchmakers in Philadelphia, we know that’s not the type of guy you want to date, right? Of course not, but we’ve got good news for you. If you think you’re dating a loser, it’s time to open your eyes and move forward before you get caught up in his web. Get ready to find out the telltale warning signs you’re dating a loser. If you see a few of these behaviors in your guy, you know what you have to do… Kick him to the curb!

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1. He doesn’t make plans.

If you hang out with him, it’s because you called him. If you end up doing something, it’s usually sitting at home watching TV. If you decide to go out, it’s you who picks the restaurant and every other activity you do together. If you go on a romantic date night, you are the one who pays for it. This guy is absolutely incapable of planning anything on his own. And if he tries, he gets irritated and quits. He is so far off that he even has a hard time making a grocery list or organizing his everyday obligations. It’s time you get out now before he drags you down with him.

2. He talks a smooth game.

Unfortunately, the only reason losers get so far in life is because they do a lot of smooth talking. When you first met him, he probably talked a big game. For example, he might have bragged about all the things he accomplished in life (that don’t even exist), or charmed you into believing that he was a big Romeo. On top of that, he never turns down a party and would rather head out on the town with friends than spend time with you.

As you get to know him more and more, you start to realize that he has nothing going on in his life, just a lot of talk. All of his stories are actually lies, which you’re starting to see for yourself. Ladies, it’s time to say next!

3. He lives off other people.

His family comes from money so he probably has a nice condo in the city, but don’t think for a second that he is the one paying the rent. Oh, no, because his parents handle that for him. He might drive a fancy car, but his parents bought that for him, too. He might take you on dates but charges it on his parent’s credit card. Of course, he’ll never come out and tell you this, but it isn’t long until you discover it for yourself.

If his family comes from money, chances are he’s getting money from them. Why? Because he’s a loser and doesn’t want to do anything on his own. Because he doesn’t have any motivation in life, he mooches off other people. He doesn’t understand the concept of being an adult and working for something on his own. Beware, he’ll be mooching off you next!

4. He doesn’t take responsibility for his actions.

Just as he isn’t responsible for his finances, he can’t take responsibility for other things in his life. If he drops his cell phone, it’s your fault he broke it because you were talking to him and distracting him. If you get into a fight and he’s clearly the one in the wrong, he will never take responsibility for his actions. If he gets into an accident, he’ll never say it was his fault. In other words, he’s incapable of taking responsibility for himself. He might even blame his parents for making him the way he is today.

He uses anything in life as an excuse because he can’t take responsibility for anything himself. He is clueless when it comes to behaving like a mature adult, and you’re not his babysitter.

5. He’s too immature.

He drinks and might even do a party drug here and there. He throws a fit when you tell him to stop. He plays dating games with you. He tries to make you feel jealous by talking to other women. He doesn’t know how to talk about his emotions; instead, he flips out. He gets into fights with other men. Heck, even his best friends think he’s immature. Does that sound like your boyfriend? If so, you’re dating a loser.

6. Partying is his life.

He parties just as hard on a Tuesday night as he does on a Friday. He parties in the morning. He parties in the afternoon. He parties at night. He parties all the time. He is the first person to get to the bar and the last one to leave. He loves partying so much he hosts parties at his house. Does that sound like your man? Then, you’re definitely dating a loser.

He would rather party with his friends than spend time with you. He drinks too much, chain smokes cigarettes, and always makes bad decisions when under the influence. He doesn’t know how to enjoy a class of wine and instead pounds shots to the head. He thinks of himself as rebellious, but we all know what he is: he is just a loser. He is still living the way he lived back when he was in college, but that was 20 years ago.

Ladies, are you tired of dating losers and getting nowhere in relationships? If so, contact the best matchmakers in Philadelphia to meet quality men in Philly who are worthy of your time.

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