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Have you ever wondered what men desire in a woman? Sure, there are plenty of shallow men in Philadelphia who are only interested in a woman’s looks. But that’s not what this article is about. You wouldn’t want to date those guys, let alone settle down with them.

We are talking about mature men who are looking for a meaningful relationship—the ones who realize life is more than appearances. To help you figure out what mature men in Philly desire in a woman, our expert matchmakers are going to show you the top qualities men look for in a partner.

As the best Bryn Mawr dating service, we’re here to make your dating life easier. Let’s not waste another second and let us show you the top five traits men look for in a woman.

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1. Kindness

This one is huge. Are you kind? If not, men aren’t going to go for you. The trouble in today’s dating scene is that everyone is nice to you in the early stages. In the first burst of romance—where everything is new and exciting—everyone puts their best foot forward. Men have learned to pay attention to the way a woman treats other people.

If you treat him nicely but are disrespectful to the waiter, what does that say about you? If you treat him kindness but talk poorly about coworkers, friends, and family, what does that say about you? You can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat others. Warmth, kindness, and generosity are incredibly attractive and key to a long-term relationship.

2. Intelligence

There’s something sexy about a woman with brains. Acting like an airhead might’ve worked when you’re in college, but it’s not going to work now. Quality men want a woman who is witty, educated, and thoughtful, so make sure you can hold a smart conversation (talking about Kardashians will not work here). And we don’t necessarily mean book smart here either. Men want a woman who is street smart, savvy, and has a good sense of humor.

3. Down-to-Earth

Everyone can appreciate ambition. It is very important to dream big. But at the end of the day, most men prefer a woman who can savor the little things in life, a woman who knows what’s really important in life—family, friends, and the relationship. Men want to be with a woman who is humble and grounded, someone who doesn’t revolve her life around status or the latest designer purse to hit the market. They want a woman who is happy eating at a local burger joint once in a while over a five star restaurant.

4. Confidence

Wait a minute? Humble and confident? Are we contradicting ourselves here? No, we’re not. Men want a woman who is humble but at the same time confident in herself. You can be confident without being egotistic—meaning you can value yourself without putting others down. Real confidence comes from knowing yourself, who you are as a woman, and that you’re good enough as you are. You don’t have to put others down to boost yourself up. A woman can and should know her on worth. If you’re confident, then men will be drawn to you.

5. Happiness

At the end of the day, nothing attracts a man to a woman like happiness. A woman who is happy with herself is a very sexy woman. A woman who laughs often—who radiates joy and happiness—will brighten anyone’s day, and that’s the type of woman every guy wants to be with.

You don’t have to look like a supermodel or a Barbie doll to attract quality men in Philly. If you display these five traits, men will find you irresistible.

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