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Men, there is nothing wrong with being romantic in your relationship. She may tell you she doesn’t need you to be over the top romantic, we know she’ll appreciate you being romantic once in a while. Take-out food every weekend is not all that romantic, nor is sitting on the couch watching movies all the time.

Don’t let your woman go to bed wondering if she could have done better. There are many things you can do to show your woman that you’re romantic. Today, our Bryn Mawr dating experts here at Philadelphia Singles will show you some simple things you can do for the special woman in your life.

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Romantic Things You Can Do for Your Woman

If you have never been romantic with your woman, now is the time to start. Trust your ability to show her a good time and we can guarantee you that you’ll improve your relationship in no time. It doesn’t have to be expensive things; however, it will require some efforts on your part.

Put efforts into whatever you decide to do and make her feel like a princess every chance you get. Here are some romantic ideas you can do to show her how much she means to you.

1. Bring Her Flowers

If you know her favorite flower, bonus points for you. But surprising your woman with a nice bouquet of fresh flowers, no matter what you choose, will surely bring a smile to her face.

2. Personalize Something Special

Every woman enjoys receiving expensive gifts, but believe us when we tell you that she’ll appreciate something that comes from your heart even more. So why not give her something personalized, something you put some thought into? It could be as simple as a coffee mug or a personalized cell phone case.

3. A Weekend Getaway

Take charge in the relationship and plan a weekend getaway. Don’t tell her where you’re going, just give her a few details of what to pack and what to expect. It can be as simple as a bed and breakfast or a luxury vacation, you choose. Even a day trip to Atlantic City or NYC would be a fabulous idea for some adventure and bonding.

4. Surprise Her with a Class

Women enjoy learning, so why not surprise her with a hobby or interest class? From salsa dancing to pottery, sign up together and have fun learning something new. This will be a fun bonding experience for the two of you.

5. Travel with Her

A great way to connect with your woman is traveling together. If you can, go somewhere you’ve never been before. Traveling together will let her know you’re serious about her and the relationship.

6. Give Her a Massage

Who doesn’t like receiving a massage? If you want to make her day, offer her a nice massage after a long day at the office.

7. Prepare a Meal for Her

You don’t have to be a chef to prepare something good in the kitchen. Don’t be afraid to get down and dirty and prepare something special for her. It will be romantic and definitely better than the take-out orders you’re used to getting on the weekends.

8. Create a Playlist

The two of you have been dating for a while so you should know her favorite songs. Start creating a playlist with all her favorites and surprise her the next time she turns her car on. This is sure to start her morning off on the right foot.

9. Surprise Dinner with Family

She’ll absolutely adore you for reaching out and inviting her family over for a BBQ or nice dinner.

10. Arrange a Girls’ Night Out

Your woman enjoys hanging out with her friends, so why not arrange a much needed girls’ night out? Call her friends and let them know you want them to hit the town or go out for a dinner with your woman. Let them know you know she could use some fun and laughs with her gal pals.

11. Cuddle More

A simple and effective way to show your woman your romantic side is by cuddling her. Women love being touched, so curl up and on the couch and watch a romantic comedy with her.

12. Send Her Love Messages

Your woman already knows you love her, but why not send her some nice reminders? Send her an email or text message letting her know you’re thinking about her during the day or tell her you can’t wait to see her after work. Alternatively, you can write little love notes and stick them in her drawer, lunch bag, or in her car.

13. Clean the House

Your woman will love and appreciate it if you clean the house for her. It might not sound like the most romantic thing, but you’re taking some stress out of her life and she’s going to love it. Draw her bath and let her relax in the tub while you take care of everything around the house for the evening.

14. Do Her Errands

Another thing that might not sound romantic, but will surely make your woman feel cared for, is doing some errands for her. From taking Maxi to the vet, picking up her mail at the post office, grabbing her dry cleaning, or whatever you can do to lighten her load, our Bryn Mawr dating experts know she will appreciate this kind gesture.

15. Have a Night of Drinks In

You don’t have to go out and hit the town hard to have a good time. Why not bring the bar to the house? Grab the ingredients for some delicious cocktails and play bartender at home. Let her sit back and relax while you prepare her favorite cocktail and enjoy a cozy night in.

Men, believe us, these 15 simple things will go a long way in making your woman feel loved and cared for. Women love being pampered, so now that you know how to do it, you should have no problem putting a smile on her face and making her feel confident in choosing you. Start showing your partner exactly how much she means to you today.

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