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Not all relationships are going to work out. And that’s something you just need to understand in the dating world. Not everyone is privileged enough to get love right every single time. Sometimes, things just don’t turn out the way you want, and you can’t do anything about that. The best thing you can do when you find yourself in a relationship that is coming to an end is to just walk away. The earlier you choose to take a stand and move on, the better it will be for you.

There is no point in staying in a failing relationship. Just pull plug and pick up the pieces so you can move on with your life and find the love you deserve.

Today, our Chestnut Hill matchmakers are going to show you the signs your relationship is over.

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1. Your visions for the future don’t align.

How can you expect to be in a long-term relationship with someone if you don’t have similar goals for the future? You must have plans and dreams that mesh well together. If not, then you are essentially pedaling your way to a breakup. If one of you is adamant about having a family and the other doesn’t want kids, then you need to accept the fact that you’re not compatible and just move on and go your separate ways.

2. There is no happiness.

There is no point in pursuing a relationship that just doesn’t make you happy anymore. Sure, relationships aren’t supposed to be easy. But that doesn’t mean that they’re supposed to make you miserable either. If you aren’t happy in your relationship, then you need to pull the plug now.

3. The relationship is full of insecurities.

You never know what the future has in store for both of you. You somehow doubt the strength of your love and your relationship. You think that even the slightest nudge will cause your relationship to end. You are always on edge because you know how fragile your relationship is. If you’re always teetering on the wall of whether or not your relationship could end any day over any little thing, then your relationship is not strong and will eventually come crashing down.

4. You don’t describe your relationship in a positive way.

You have nothing good to say about your relationship so you choose just not to say anything at all. That’s where your relationship has led you. If you can’t find anything in your relationship to be happy and thankful for, then it’s definitely time for you to walk away.

5. You hope it gets better but never does.

You have set deadlines for yourself. You keep telling yourself that if the relationship doesn’t get better by a certain date, then you will pull the plug. And yet, here you are. You keep extending that deadline thinking that things will change, but they never do. Unfortunately, you are only prolonging the inevitable.

6. Arguments happen all the time.

Arguments aren’t necessarily uncommon aspects of relationships. They aren’t necessarily going to be bad things either. What makes arguments in the relationship bad is if they happen all the time. It’s like an unending sparring session with your partner that brings a lot of stress into your life. If you spend more time fighting than you do having fun and loving each other, then you don’t belong together.

How many of these signs do you see in your relationship? Is it unraveling? Is a breakup inevitable? If you know your relationship is over, there’s no point in dragging it out. End it today so you can find the partner you’re meant to spend the rest of your life with.

If you’re single and ready to meet relationship-minded singles in Philadelphia, contact our Chestnut Hill matchmakers today and let us help you find true love.

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