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Dating in Philadelphia can be tough, so when you think you find the one, you don’t want to let them get away. Although you might want to hurry things along and take the next step, is it too soon to move in together?

Ah, the trials and tribulations of moving in together. Some people move in together because they want to take their relationship to the next level, some do it because it’s convenient, but if you’re debating about it, you need to be sure you’re ready to take that chance. No matter what your reasons for moving in together are, you have to ensure you’re making the right decision.

Living with your partner is tough, but it will also tell you if you’re compatible with one another. Remember that living together doesn’t allow for private time, because every moment you’re both at your place will be more like we time. If you are someone who enjoys having their space, then you need to be aware of how to protect that private time when moving in together.

No matter how large your house is, you’ll always be running into one another. What many naïve couples don’t know is that no matter how well they think they know their partner, they never truly know them until they live together.

Moving in together is not all fun and games. And as exciting as it may seem, it takes a lot of patience, work, and sacrifices from both of you. With that being said, if you think you’re ready to move in together, then it’s best to be well-prepared for what lies ahead. It’s going to be blissful once you make the transition—you’ll get to spend a lot of time with one another, unravel each other’s mysteries, and of course, start a beautiful life together.

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Philadelphia Matchmakers – Signs You’re Ready to Move in Together

If you are not quite sure if you should move in together, then check out the following tips from our Philadelphia matchmakers to point you in the right direction.

1. You’re Both Financially Secure

One of the first things you need to assess before moving in together is your financial situation. If both of you are already living in separate places, then moving in together should not be a problem.

Moving in together should not be done for economic reasons. It should be done because you both want to live together. If either of you are still living at home with your parents and thinking about leaving the nest, or you’re both currently living with roommates, then this needs to be talked about in detail. You both need to figure out if the combined money you make is enough for you to pay your bills and still live comfortably. If that’s possible, then go ahead and do what you need to do.

2. The Timing Couldn’t Be Better

Moving in together is all about the right timing. You will know it’s a good idea to move in together when everything around you is perfect. There won’t be any drama in the relationship, no dealing with health issues, no outside stress, and no major work-related issues to handle. In other words, if everything is running smoothly, then it sounds like the perfect time to make the move.

3. You Both Think It’s a Great Idea

The moment you start feeling that someone is being hesitant, then you’ll know it’s not the right step to take. However, if both of you are on the same page about moving in together, and both of you think it’s a great idea, then by all means, move in together. But remember, there is absolutely nothing wrong with waiting a little while to move in together if one of you is feeling unsure.

4. There Isn’t Any Pressure

It’s not just you and your partner you have to worry about when it comes to moving in together; there are other people involved as well. Be sure that neither of you is experiencing pressure from anyone.

Parents will often pressure their children to move in and start a life together because they want grandchildren. Do not feel pressured into moving in with your partner if you are not ready to do so.

You will also be surprised how much peer pressure you may receive from friends and coworkers. Remember that it’s ultimately up to you to make the decision; no one should sway you either way.

5. The Honeymoon Stage Is Over

Our Philadelphia matchmakers advise you never to move in together during the honeymoon stage. You should wait until that stage is over. Living with your partner will not be all about romance and fun. It will be everything from sharing household chores, sharing and cleaning the bathroom, and dealing with each other’s issues (you dealing with their loud snoring and them dealing with your crazy Saturday morning cleaning routines).

You need to remember that moving in together will not be all about flour battles in the kitchen and fun times like it is in the movies. You need to ensure that you’re ready to take that next step in your relationship before doing so.

6. You Have Talked about Your Expectations

Never move in with your partner unless you’ve had a discussion about each of your expectations. You need to talk about how the rent will be split, who is handling the bills, how long the lease should be, and you need to set a monthly budget.

You will also need to discuss other unpleasant issues such as the division of household chores. You might think these issues aren’t anything right now, but trust us, they are everything when you’re living with someone. And if they’re not handled properly, they will cause a lot of tension.

7. You Have Survived Many Hardships in Your Relationship

If both of you have been together through many storms in your relationship, then you can rest assured you are ready to move in together. Making it through many hardships is a good sign you’re ready for the next step. It proves that you’re both on the same page and are working to achieve the same end result, which is wanting to be together forever, no matter what the weather brings.

Moving in with your partner is a big step, and it requires a lot of thought and consideration. Give your relationship a thorough examination and look for these signs to see if you’re ready to ditch dating in Philadelphia and proceed to the next stage of your life.


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