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The Philly dating scene has a lot to offer, and you’re not doing too shabby landing dates on your own.  You’ve been on a lot of first dates lately with awesome men.  But for some reason, you cannot get past the dreaded first date.  Instead, he takes you home, drops you off, and thanks you for the evening, but he never calls you again.  This is happening a lot lately and you just don’t understand why.

You replay the date in your head and start overanalyzing all your actions.  In your mind, you did everything okay.  You avoided small talk and jumped right into the questions.  You asked what seemed like all the right questions, you avoided awkward silences, and did everything just like your friends told you to do.  In his mind, though, you didn’t do everything quite so great.  Why?  Because you got too personal too fast and scared him away.

Let’s be honest, there are a few topics you should never talk about on the first date.  After all, it’s nice to leave a little to the imagination.  If you have no problem landing a date in Philadelphia but can’t ever get past that first date, you’ll want to read this helpful blog from our KOP matchmakers who are here to reveal all for you today.  Read on to find out where you’ve been going wrong on your dates.  If you’re guilty of these questions, then you have your answer.

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1. How much money do you make?

Quality men in Philadelphia try to avoid two things: women who are after them for their money and women who only care about money.  Of course, most women in Philadelphia could care less about how much their man makes, as long as he has a job and loves what he does.  But that doesn’t mean they’re not curious, right?  That being said, it isn’t a good idea to ask him about how much money he makes on a first date.

As the leading KOP matchmakers, we want you to stop asking questions like this: “How much money do you make annually?” or “Do you earn a good salary?”  Do your best to keep this topic off the table, unless it’s something he brings up on his own.  Of course there will be plenty of dates to talk about finances, but the first date is not the place.

2. Are you seeing other people?

We get it, ladies, you want to know right away if he’s a player or if he’s seeing other women besides you.  That’s completely okay; however, you will probably be able to figure it out without coming out and asking him.  If you ask him straight up if he’s seeing other people, you’re going to put him on the spot, and men don’t like that.  Chances are, he might be dating other women, but that doesn’t mean he has to tell you.  After all, this is only a first date.

Maybe he is not dating other women and is embarrassed to tell you because he thinks you’ll see him as undesirable.  Either way, do not ask him this upfront question.  Plus, asking him if he’s seeing other women might make you come off as jealous or desperate, two things you don’t want to be in the dating world.

3. What was your last relationship like?

If this guy is a stranger to you, you need to give him more time to open up to you.  You can’t simply go to a date and ask such a personal question.  It is too personal and can be off-putting, especially if he’s shy or reserved.  If he just came out of a relationship or things didn’t end well, he might not be ready to discuss those things, especially with someone new.

If his last relationship ended in a bad way, he might not want to tell you out of fear of scaring you away.  Remember that you’re only out on a first date and not committed to each other just yet.  As intriguing as it is to know everything about him, you need to wait a little bit; otherwise, you run the chances of scaring him away.  You need to keep things light and simple and give him time to get comfortable with you.  If he wanted to talk about the woman in his past, he would have brought her up in conversation.

4. Are you in debt?

What a lot of women don’t understand about this question is that it can be embarrassing to men.  Chances are, he might have a little debt that he is working hard to pay off.  Long story short, everyone has some sort of debt, but it’s not something any of us want to talk about, especially not on a first date.

You should avoid asking him anything to do with his finances until you’re both comfortable with each other.  Just enjoy each other’s company and get to know each other; otherwise, you’re going to unintentionally push him away.

5. Do you want to have children?

The second a man hears a woman talk about this on a first date, his heartrate will rise to extreme heights.  If he isn’t serious about committing, he will undoubtedly be scared from the get-go.  This question can scare many men away, especially when you’re only on a first date.  If you ask this question, you might make it obvious that it’s something you want or that you’re desperate to have children because your biological clock is ticking.

Even if he likes you and feels a connection with you, he will be a little turned off because you’re coming off as desperate.  Either way, this question can lead to awkward situations.  Now, we know how important children are to you, but you shouldn’t ask this question on a first date.

Do you have an upcoming date in Philadelphia?  Follow these tips from our KOP matchmakers here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service and watch how smoothly your first dates go.

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