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You know the woman, the one every guy can’t keep his eyes off whenever she enters a room. There’s just something about her that attracts every man, and she’s not even trying to. She stands out from every woman in the room, but not because she’s wearing a skimpy little dress. That’s a different type of attention (the attention you don’t want as a classy woman). She just happens to be beautiful.

There’s something else that goes far beyond her appearance that turns every guy’s eyes to her. And guess what? You can be that woman too. Yes, you can!

If you’re one of the many single women in Philadelphia who’s struggling with her confidence, let our King of Prussia matchmakers show you how to be the most beautiful woman in the room.

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1. Don’t rely on your appearance.

Women who believe only beautiful women have guys flocking to them have it all wrong. You can be beautiful with your personality, so you don’t have to rely on your appearance to carry you. Guys who are worthy of dating are interested in a lot more than a pretty face and great bod.

2. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion.

You can be a ditzy wallflower, but that won’t get you far. Men love it when a woman isn’t afraid to voice her opinion. If you have something to say, say it. Men love a woman with brains.

3. Smile and laugh a lot.

Everyone is more attractive when they appear to be happy and enjoying life. Men want to be around women who are fun and ready for new experiences. When you enter a room, make sure you smile and look more approachable.

4. Be genuinely interested in what everyone is saying.

You know when someone acts like they’re listening but they’re not? How irritating, right? A woman who asks questions and really listens to the answers is very attractive, and men will remember that woman.

5. Talk to more men.

Not only will you have more options to choose from, but men love competition. If they see you talking to other men, they’ll start pulling out their A game to get to you.

6. Don’t give it up right away.

Men love to chase women. It’s engraved in their DNA; therefore, there’s nothing wrong with playing a little hard to get. Do not give your number right away—make him do a little chasing.

7. Wear something that makes you feel attractive.

When you’re feeling comfortable and sexy, it will show. You don’t have to wear a miniskirt or a low-cut blouse to get someone’s attention. Just wear something that makes you feel beautiful. If you’re fidgeting, it’s going to look like you can’t wait to get out of there, and that’s the opposite of what you want. You need something that makes you look and feel comfortable and confident.

8. Be passionate about something.

If you love your job, don’t hide it. If you volunteer at an animal shelter on the weekends, make sure you tell people about it. Men are attracted to women with passions, and you need to have something you’re passionate about. Shopping and the latest reality TV shows don’t count here, ladies.

Remember to Be Confident

It isn’t so much a woman’s looks that make her beautiful. It’s the energy she projects. If you’re sure of yourself, then every man in the room will notice you.

If you’re one of the many single women in Philadelphia who’s struggling to meet relationship-minded men, contact our King of Prussia matchmakers today and let us do the searching for you. Not only will we provide you quality dates with relationship-minded men, but we’ll get you where you need to be in your dating life. Our dating coaching and guidance and support will have you looking and feeling confident in no time. Let us help you date at the level you deserve!

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