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Now that the new year is finally here, it’s time to put aside your personal resolutions and focus on your relationship.  Yes, we get it, you want to shed those extra ten pounds you gained over the holidays, learn a new hobby, read more, and save money.  But couldn’t your partnership benefit as much as your health and finances?  We think so, so why not make 2018 the year you prioritize your relationship?

Today, our King of Prussia dating service will show you the top relationship resolutions to improve your relationship in the new year.

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1. Be more understanding of their faults.

So, you already know to let go of the little things, like a sock on the floor or a little toothpaste on the mirror, but you also have to understand your partner’s faults.  If you flip out or scream at your partner for doing something they can’t help but to do, you’re only going to create a wedge in your relationship.  Stop and ask yourself if this is really worth the argument.  Instead, sit down with your partner and talk to them in a mature and calm manner.  Women are especially guilty of nagging, which pushes men away.  This is why resolving to be more understanding is a fabulous gift to your relationship.

2. Capture the precious moments.

You and your partner do many things together, but how many of those wonderful times do you capture?  It is great to live in the moment and disconnect every now and then, but it’s also good to look back at those precious moments down the road.  Remember to take a few seconds to snap a photo when you’re doing something fun together.  Looking at those pictures together will help you and your partner relive those priceless moments.

3. Learn to unplug from the world.

Just like you want to take pictures every now and then, you also need to learn how to unplug from the world and devote your undivided attention to your partner.  When you’re eating dinner with your partner or are out on a romantic date, make sure it’s tech-free.  Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t bring your cell phone along, it simply means not to be distracted on social media while your partner is sitting across from you.  So, put down your phone and start cultivating your relationship.  Believe us, it will be the best thing you can do to strengthen the bond with your partner and keep your relationship alive and thriving.

4. Start giving them more compliments.

Not feeling appreciated is one of the biggest complaints in relationships.  And while a verbal acknowledgement is always welcome, it’s usually rare in long-term relationships.  If you notice that your partner has put in efforts to look good, make sure you say something to them.  But don’t just say something nice because you can also add a hug or a peck to the compliment.  Throw in a hug or a kiss to kick it up a notch and watch the joy on your partner’s face.

5. Spend more quality time together.

While eating pizza and binge-watching your favorite show on Netflix can be considered quality time occasionally, it’s not all that romantic.  Why not do something engaging and get out of the house for once?  Make 2018 the year you have a jampacked calendar of fun activities with your partner.  Go out on dates, book a vacation together, explore a new town, go to a new restaurant, and embark on new adventures that entice both of you.  This will help your relationship feel refreshed and alive.

If you want to better your relationship this year, then it’s time to implement these dating resolutions with your partner.  Follow these matchmaking secrets and watch your relationship take a turn for the better in no time.

If you’re single and wish to be in a relationship, then it’s time you book a complimentary consultation with our King of Prussia dating service today.  Let us do the hard part of dating for you, so you can go about living your everyday life.  To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today!


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