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Relationships are full ambiguities and grey areas that no one knows how to navigate correctly.  Sometimes when things are going well, you might have a feeling in your belly that something isn’t right.  If things aren’t going right lately, you might find yourself making excuses and trying to breathe life into a dying relationship.  When it comes to new relationships, you’re opening up a vulnerable part of you to a man you barely know.  While you discover each other, there can be many bumps along the way, and sometimes it can be difficult to figure out which bumps are actually major red flags.

Guys can be super sweet, but the same sweetness can hide his motives.  Not every relationship will have this type of problem, but dishonestly is very common in relationships today.  This isn’t to say that every nice guy who is sweet and charming is manipulative and wants to take advantage of you, but the sad truth is that a lot of guys are absolutely willing to do just that. And even sadder truth? A lot of guys have manipulative behaviors without even knowing it.  It’s just part of the way they are and how they treat women.

Below you’ll find signs he’s manipulative. If you find evidence of controlling behaviors, we urge you to walk away before it’s too late.

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1. He Has No Goals in Life

It can be difficult to admit that the new man in your life is a loser, but chances are if you suspect he might be, he already knows he is.  Is he planning or coasting through life? If he constantly forgets to bring his wallet to dates or always ask to borrow gas money for his car, these are huge red flags.

If he lives with you but doesn’t contribute for anything or expects you to cater to his needs and do all the cooking and cleaning, those are huge red flags too.  You are not his mother and shouldn’t be expected to cater to his every need.

2. He Bottles Up His Anger

A lot of grown men don’t seem to mature emotionally past the age of 18.  Being on the receiving end of a guy’s tantrum can be very scary because it can literally make you question your physical safety.  It’s also very exhausting being subject to the emotional whims of the person you are supposed to love, especially when you haven’t done anything to deserve it.

If your boyfriend explodes in anger when he’s having a bad day, it shows he lacks the ability to communicate properly.  Be careful with men like this – the breakups can also be very messy. Relationships should never be scary or make you wonder whether or not you can trust your boyfriend to handle conflict the mature way.

3. He Only Treats You When He Expects Wants Something

If getting presents from your boyfriend gives you a sinking feeling, that’s a major relationship red flag. If you’re in a relationship with someone who is very controlling, they might try to buy your affection with gifts.  It could be things, experiences, food, or anything you like. Using gifts to cover up his controlling behavior or compensate for the tantrums we talked about earlier are undeniable alarm bells that something isn’t right.  Don’t ignore the signs!

  1. He Tracks Your Every Move

There’s a difference between caring about your wellbeing and full-out stalking you.  A text asking how what’s up is super romantic.  Being interrogated like he’s with the police until you’ve given every detail of your whereabouts is creepy.  Wanting to know where you are, what you’re doing, and who you’re with all the time are huge red flags he is manipulative. This guy might be sweet and loving, but you never know when his sweetness will turn into anger.

If you notice a few of these behaviors in your guy, it’s time you stop turning a blind eye to this controlling and manipulative behaviors. You deserve a man who is genuinely caring and loving.

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