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Can you tell when a guy is thinking about breaking up? It might be difficult to figure out what’s going on in his head, but you can definitely examine his actions. While it’s true that sometimes love and relationships don’t make sense, it’s also true that you can tell when a guy is no longer invested.

If you know what to look for, you’ll easily be able to tell what’s going on in your guy’s mind. Unfortunately, if you can relate to anything on this list, we’re sorry for what’s about to come your way. But it’s better you find out now so you’re prepared. Let our King of Prussia matchmakers show you the top signs he’s getting ready to call it quits.

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1. He’s less attentive to your feelings.

Being in a relationship with someone means caring about their feelings. Just like you care about their feelings, they should care about yours. But when your boyfriend is getting ready to break up with you, he’s going to stop caring how you feel, and he’ll act like it too. He’ll start avoiding your calls, canceling plans, and ignoring you altogether.

2. He cancels plans for no reason.

If you want something, you do it takes to get it. That goes for anything in life, from committing to a strict lifestyle of eating healthy and working out hard to be in tip-top shape to working long hours and studying to work your way to the top of the career ladder. And when you want to be with someone, you’ll do whatever it takes to be with that person. On the other hand, if you’re ready to leave the relationship, things will change. Your boyfriend might start canceling plans for no reason, just because he doesn’t want to be with you. And if he does give you a reason, it’s probably super lame. Is your guy slowly pulling away and disappearing from your life?

3. He starts fights for no reason.

Ugh, this is probably the worst thing you can experience in a relationship and yet it’s pretty common when a guy wants to call it quits. Why? Because he’s dealing with a lot of negative emotions over wanting to break up, and instead of dealing with them in a healthy way, he takes his frustration out on you by starting arguments for no reason. He’ll complain about every single little thing you do just so he can start a fight. A lot of guys do this in attempts to get a woman to break up with them so they don’t have to do the hard part of calling it quits themselves.

4. He’s spending more time with his friends.

If you and your boyfriend are close, then chances are you spend a lot of time together. Your relationship should be very important to both of you. It’s a bad sign when your boyfriend starts spending more time with his friends than he does with you. Once his social life starts to take over cuddle time with you, you’ll probably wonder if something is up. And the truth is, there is. He might be getting ready to bail on you.

5. He’s texting all the time.

Who is your boyfriend texting? No, really, who is he texting? You probably wonder if he’s cheating on you. But even if he isn’t yet, he’s definitely thinking about it. Things aren’t looking good if your boyfriend is texting another woman. It’s time to sit him down and have a grown-up conversation with him. You have every right to be upset and frustrated if he’s texting someone else.

How many of these five signs can you relate to with your man? Does it feel like he’s getting ready to dump you? As much as it hurts, it’s best to find out now and go your separate ways before investing anymore time and energy on this guy.

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