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Whether you’re just feeling a little overprotective and paranoid or have real concerns and womanly instincts, there are effective ways to find out whether your boyfriend is cheating or not.

These simple methods have proven to be effective time and time again.  Our King of Prussia matchmakers know how challenging it can be to catch a cheater.  After all, they’re feeling guilty and will do anything to hide their trail.

If you suspect your boyfriend is cheating on you, follow these simple tips and techniques from our King of Prussia matchmakers and put your worries aside.  This is how you catch a cheater.

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Figure Out If You’re Just Being Too Suspicious

The first step you need to take in this situation is simply to figure out if you’re just being overly suspicious or paranoid.  Many times women think their boyfriends are cheating on them when in reality they’re just being paranoid because they’ve seen it happen to friends and family or in all the movies they watch.

You need to accept that sometimes your suspicions can get the best of you, even if it’s a hard pill to swallow.  Your boyfriend might not be guilty of anything.

You need evidence and proof to back up your suspicions.  But first, figure out if you’re just overreacting because your best friend’s husband recently cheated on her or because your coworkers girlfriend just let him for another man.

How to Catch a Cheater

Some people are good at lying and others aren’t.  If you know your boyfriend well, then you should be able to spot when he’s lying to you.  You should notice differences in his body language and overall demeanor.  Our King of Prussia matchmakers know that when men lie, they unknowingly give hints that you should be able to pick up on.

The following are some indicators that will let you know your man is lying and being unfaithful to you.

Does He Have a Hard Time Making Eye Contact?

If your boyfriend is having a hard time making eye contact with you, then it’s clear he’s trying to hide something.  Maybe he’s ashamed he’s cheating on you and having a hard time facing you.  If you notice he is avoiding your eyes a lot lately, then you know something is up.

You can ask him directly why he is avoiding eye contact with you, but he’ll probably deny it.  Either way, you need to get to the bottom of it.

Are His Stories Inconsistent?

Do his stories always change?  Do they not make any sense?  If so, it could be a sign he’s cheating on you.  If you catch your boyfriend lying with his stories, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s cheating on you, but he’s definitely lying about something.  Wanting to protect you from something doesn’t make your boyfriend a cheater, but he’s certainly breaking the trust you have.  It’s time to find out what he’s lying about.

Is He Behaving Differently Lately?

Has your boyfriend been acting weird lately?  Is he cancelling dates last minute or spending less time with you?  Does he seem to be a little nervous every time you come around?  Then it’s obvious that something is up.  You can test him by asking him why he’s behaving differently and get a feel for his answer.

Is He Vague with His Answers?

In order to catch a cheater, you’re going to have to ask him questions—questions that need an elaborate answer.  If you ask him questions and he responds vaguely, or his stories and timelines don’t line up, then you know something is wrong.

Is Your Gut Telling You So?

If your boyfriend is lying to you, chances are you’re going to feel like something is wrong.  Our King of Prussia matchmakers call this a woman’s sixth sense.  It is a magical superpower that allows women to sense when something is wrong.

This superpower comes from noticing a number of unusual behaviors or lies from your boyfriend.  You subconsciously feel that your boyfriend is not being truthful with you, so your body is reacting and warning you that something is wrong.  You should not ignore your intuition because it’s there for a reason.

After being cheated on, many women look back and realize they already felt something was wrong but never acted on it.  If you feel something isn’t right inside, listen to what your gut is trying to tell you.

Is He Hiding His Phone?

One of the easiest ways to catch a cheater is by checking out their phone activity.  Does your boyfriend all of the sudden have his cell phone or laptop password protected?  If so, why the sudden change?  What’s he hiding?

Also, is he suddenly leaving the room to answer his phone all the time?  If he never talks in front of you, he could be talking to his side girl.

Act Now to Fix the Problem

There are many different paths you can take with a cheater.  But the most important thing to remember in this tough situation is to act quickly.  The longer you wait, the more painful it will be.  You have two options with a cheater.  You can walk out the door and never see him again, or you can forgive him and try to repair the trust in your relationship.

Warning: It’s said that “once a cheater, always a cheater.”  But we can’t tell you what to do in this painful situation.  It is solely up to you to decide what path you want to take.  But remember, if he did it once, he could turn around and do it again.

So, how does your man measure up?  Do you think he’s being unfaithful to you?  It’s time to find out what’s going on and why he’s acting different lately.

If you’re tired of dating the wrong men, fill out the simple survey at the top of the page and let our King of Prussia matchmakers introduce you to relationship-minded men who are reliable and trustworthy.  You deserve love and happiness, not doubt and heartache.

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