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Relationships are not always full of happy times. There are bound to be times where things get sticky and you feel like the relationship is going against all odds. There are sure to be moments of doubt and questions that come to mind.

Feelings of insecurity are a normal part of our relationships, and everyone feels them at some point. However, if you always find yourself feeling insecure, you must work on fixing this. Today, our King of Prussia matchmakers will show you why you may have feelings insecurity and teach you how you can fix it.

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The Reasons You Feel Insecure

1. You’re judging yourself based on others.

You are not doing any goof for yourself, or your relationship, if you start comparing yourself to others. If you are constantly comparing your relationship to others, you’re always going to come up short. We want you to understand that your relationship is unique and you are unique. Your relationship has its own strengths and milestones that other relationships have not accomplished. The first step to overcoming insecurity in your relationship is to stop with the comparisons.

2. You’re always overthinking everything.

You might not realize that you’re overanalyzing everything, but when you overanalyze your partner’s behaviors, you’re going to jump to conclusions and create problems that were not there to begin with. You must take your partner as they are and stop putting words in their mouth. Try to let go of negative thinking and reading between the lines, because our King of Prussia matchmakers know that negativity will manifest itself in the relationship.

3. You’re carrying excessive baggage from previous relationships.

We have all experienced bad relationships in the past, relationships that we wanted to work out but somehow they didn’t. Let’s not judge your current relationship based on your last one. No relationship is quite the same, and every relationship is an unpredictable ride. Try to let go of previous baggage that is weighing you down and preventing you from enjoying your current relationship.

Top Ways to Feel Secure in Your Relationship

Once you have figured out the root of your insecurities, the next step is finding security in your relationship. In order to help you accomplish that, our team of skilled King of Prussia matchmakers have put together the top ways to feel secure in your relationship.

1. It begins by loving yourself.

People who love themselves know they are worth something. They don’t struggle with insecurities because they know they bring something to the relationship. When you respect yourself, you’ll focus on yourself first and become aware of what you can and can’t do. When you have life outside of your relationship, you will not lose yourself in the relationship. In other words, you will not become dependent on your partner.

Your partner will see this and realize they are equal to you instead of thinking they are above you. When you see your partner is equal to you, it will boost your confidence. And when you have confidence, you’ll love yourself and feel secure.

2. Keep the lines of communication open.

The quality of communication you have with your partner will determine everything, especially whether or not the relationship will survive. Our King of Prussia matchmakers know healthy communication is essential to the longevity of your relationship.

Think of your partner as your confidante. If there is something bothering you about the relationship, then you must talk to them about it. Talk to your partner and respect each other’s feelings. Simple misunderstandings can be avoided by simply talking to your partner instead of keeping things bottled up.

3. Trust is essential.

If you have been hurt in previous relationships, don’t let it destroy your current relationship by letting it control you. While trust takes a lot of time to be built, you can give it to your partner if they have not given you a reason not to trust them.

Try to give your partner the benefit of the doubt. Be honest with each other and you’ll be amazed how much trust you’ll have in one another. Once you have trust, you’ll then feel secure in your relationship instead of always questioning things.

When you’re in a relationship, it’s not uncommon to feel vulnerable opening your heart to someone new, because you don’t know if things are going to work out. However, if you want to feel secure in your relationship it must begin with you. It is equally important to participate in team efforts too. It will take work, but it can be done. When you put energy and efforts into your relationship, it will pay off in the end and you’ll feel secure together.

4. Focus on the positive things.

We’re all different people, and we all want different things, but if you and your partner do them together, then you’ll have the perfect relationship. Try to look at the future with optimism. Be thankful for everything beautiful you and your partner are experiencing together and focus on the positive things.

Do you have any other tips to feel secure in your relationship? How do you feel secure in your relationship? We would like to hear what you have to say. Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page. And if you are single and looking for a partner who will make you feel secure, contact one of our King of Prussia matchmakers today and let us help you find your ideal partner to share life with.












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