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Our Philadelphia matchmaking agents from Philly Singles will share different approaches to tell that special someone you love them for the first time.

Do you want that special someone to know how much they mean to you? Everyone has their own idea of the perfect way to say the love confession, but you’re sure to find a technique that will suit you in this article. Today, our King of Prussia matchmakers will reveal some of the most special ways you can tell someone you love them.

How to Tell Them You Love Them: Do It with Humor

Why not add a little sprinkle of humor to your love confession by doing a creative analogy? You need to think of something you cannot live without and compare it to that special someone. You can make your analogy as silly or as serious as you want. Your other half will appreciate all the efforts you have put into your love confession. You are the whipped cream to my morning coffee, the lamb to my farm, and I love you with every ounce of my heart

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How to Tell Them You Love Them: Do It with Photography

Dropping the love word can be as equally nerve-wracking whether you are someone who is romantic or someone who has a heart built out of stone. Sometimes, even thinking of the word love when you never said it to someone before can make you feel extremely nervous. If this sounds like you, then saying it through photography might be a good way to make you feel comfortable. You can take a photo of yourself doing something fun, another photo of your other half, then make the picture into the shape of a heart. Now, you have a creative and unique way of letting them know how you feel. Attach the photos together, use a cute ribbon,
and boom. If you’re feeling creative, then add their name with adorable hearts to make it extra special.

How to Tell Them You Love Them: Write It Out in the Sand

If you want to make your love confession a memorable one, then why not make it seaside while out on a date? You can write a love message for your loved one when they’re not looking. Then, as soon as they turn around, boom, they’ll be pleasantly surprised with those loving words.

How to Tell Them You Love Them: Do It through a Romantic Letter

You don’t have to be a professional writer to express your feelings for your loved one. Think of a few lines and begin writing. After you get a few lines out, the words will just start pouring out from your heart. Throughout the letter, tell them how much they mean to you, then at the end of the note, don’t forget to close it with those three very special little words “I love you.”

How to Tell Them You Love Them: Do It through a Greeting Card

If you are shy or can’t use your voice, that’s why Hallmark was invented. Pick the perfect card that expresses your feelings, then the next time the two of you are out on a date, find a quiet moment and slip the card their way. Sometimes, a beautiful card can make such a powerful expression.

How to Tell Them You Love Them: A Candlelight Dinner

Love confessions don’t have to be done with a mariachi band or be shouted from rooftops to be effective. Our King of Prussia matchmakers know that cooking a romantic dinner for your loved one when they return from work will get the message to them just as well. For this, you want to arrange the table in a romantic setting and prepare your loved one their favorite meal. Set everything just right and put on some romantic music to set the tone for the evening.

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How to Tell Them You Love Them: Be a Teenager

If you want to get all cute and cheesy with your love confession, then think back to your school years. Write your lover a high school style love letter telling them how much you love them.
How to Tell Them You Love Them: Do It with a Gift

Are you too scared to be seen around your loved one when you express your feelings for the first time? Don’t worry, sending a beautiful gift might be the best alternative for you. Pick a romantic gift you know your partner would like, such as a box of chocolates, flowers, or anything else you can think of. Within the gift, you’ll want to incorporate that little love note that says “I love you.”

How to Tell Them You Love Them: Do It in a Text

Texting can be a little impersonal, but let’s not count it out yet. If you are shy, this could be a good way to let your loved one know how much they mean to you. If you can get some courage, write them a sweet romantic text, perhaps before a scheduled date begins. You can guarantee the rest of your evening together will be wonderful.

How to Tell Them You Love Them: While on the Phone

Do you both spend nights talking to each other for hours on end? Then you already know that this could be the best time to say those mushy words. You can start things off with a, “I’m so happy to have met you…” and then work up the courage to say those three magic words. Once you get those words out, you will feel a lot better about it.

Always try to keep every expression of love personal and memorable. There are many ways you can proclaim your love, just remember that you need to make it unique and fitting for your personal style. No matter how bold or shy you are, when it comes to love, there is always an option on how to proclaim yours. And chances are, it will always lead to something better.

If you’re looking for someone you can proclaim your love to, our professional matchmakers here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service will be happy to help you. Our one-on-one approach allows us to get to know you and everything you’re looking for in a partner so we can introduce you to quality singles who are compatible and fit your dating criteria. Don’t wait another day, call and let us transform your love life today!


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