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The evolution of our cell phones has truly been remarkable.  Just a few years ago we had those little cell phones you couldn’t even send a text message from, remember?  Now, our cell phones are the coolest and smartest gadgets ever.  Now, our cell phones are literally smarter than us and can connect us with people from around the world.

We’re very obsessed with our cell phones because we use them in all aspects of our life.  Want to know the nearest Chinese takeout place?  Check your phone.  Craving the latest gossip on social media?  Check your phone.  Want to get directions?  Guess where you turn?  Your handy-dandy cell phone.  The problem is when cell phones get in the way of our dating life.  As the top matchmakers in Philly, we know that if you’re trying to find love in Philadelphia, your cell phone could be preventing you from finding it.  Really?  But how?  Today, our Philadelphia matchmakers will show you how your cell phone is getting in the way of your love life.

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1. You’re Not Present

It’s no secret that cell phones distract people.  If you are on a date, your cell phone could be distracting you and preventing you from getting to know the person in front of you.  Checking out social media and text messaging your friends makes you come off as uninterested or even rude.  If you are not present on your dates, how do you plan to get to know them?  It reduces the quality of the experience and makes it harder for them to get to know you.  When you go out with your friends, everyone might have their cell phones out, but when you’re out on a date, our Philadelphia matchmakers want you to keep it away.

2. You Never Stop Working

Technically, your work day comes to an end at 5 pm, but because your boss has easy access to you through phone calls and emails, your work day never comes to an end.  If they need something from you, they expect you to respond.  This can extend your work hours all day long.  If you are on a date and responding to emails, text messages, or phone calls, your date is going to think you’re putting your career over your love life.  When you prioritize work over love, you’re not putting in all the efforts you need to find it.  Of course, we know your job is very important to you, but you definitely need to put your cell phone aside when you’re on a date.  Otherwise, you’ll be looking for love in Philadelphia with no luck in sight.

3. It’s Easy to Stay in Touch with Exes

Back when landline phones were all that existed, it was very difficult to stay connected with an ex.  But nowadays, thanks to social media and mobile devices, your ex is accessible to you every second of the day.

It is super easy to stay in touch with an ex with the click of a button.  They could message you, text you, or email you anytime they want, and this will make moving on very hard.  Imagine the difference of never seeing someone again vs. seeing them every day of your life.

4. You Overanalyze Everything

If you had to wait until you met up with your date in person, well, you would forget about all the things you were obsessing about.  But since you can call or text them anytime you want, you expect feedback right away.  For example, if your date hasn’t responded to you, you’ll likely overanalyze it and think they didn’t want to see you again.  But what if they are just busy doing work things?  Maybe you’re stressing about something you should never have been worrying about in the first place.

5. You Expect to Hear From Them ASAP

You have instant access to your cell phone, so when you contact them, you expect to hear from them right away.  But when you don’t hear back from them, you start to wonder why they’re not answering your phone calls or texts.  Just because you have access to your phone and can immediately respond doesn’t mean they can, too.  When you start making assumptions, you’re getting yourself all worked up over nothing and creating a whole story in your head that they don’t like you or maybe even that they’re cheating.

6. You’re Texting Too Much & Not Talking Enough

Texting is a wonderful tool we can use every day to stay in touch with people, and everyone uses it.  But as the top matchmakers in Philadelphia, we know that if you rely solely on text messages and don’t do any talking on the phone or in person, you won’t be getting to know them very well or connecting with them.

People today are very uncomfortable talking on the phone, but the only way you’re going to get to know your date well is by talking to them on the phone and in person.  Long phone calls worked back then and still work now.  Why?  Because they’re a great way to bond, completely different than a text message.  It’s old school and romantic.

7. You’re Always Checking Your Phone

The power of your cell phone is so strong that it pulls you in—no matter what you’re doing, even when you’re on a date.  We get it, we understand that you have to catch up with your friends on social media or take a picture of that delicious meal the waiter just brought to the table.  You can’t afford to miss anything that’s happening out there.  But when you spend too much time on your phone, you are neglecting what is happening right in front of your eyes, which could include your date.  If you find yourself wanting to check your cell phone when you’re on a date, think about why.  If it’s because you’re on call for your job, that’s fine.  But if it’s to check what’s going on via social media, that’s not okay.  Try to resist the urge and pay attention to your date.  And if you can’t, our matchmakers encourage you to leave your cell phone in your car.

Are you looking for love in Philadelphia?  If you haven’t had much luck in your dating life, your cell phone might be to blame.  Yes, really.

Dating and meeting relationship-minded singles in Philadelphia can be very difficult, especially if you don’t have time of your own.  Don’t worry, because our Philadelphia matchmakers can introduce you to quality singles who are looking for love in Philadelphia—just like you.  If you’re ready to meet them, fill out the private survey at the top of this page to reserve your private—100% FREE—90 minute matchmaking consultation with our expert matchmakers here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service today!

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