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A broken heart is one of those experiences everyone can relate to, but it’s an experience we all tend to go through alone. However, an important part of the healing process is getting support from close friends and family members.

Although talking to and visiting your friend through this sad time can be tough, your job is to remind them that it’s not their fault and that they will get through it. They need to be reminded that they will get through these difficult times and that they can rely on you whenever they need you.

We’re all hardwired to feel loved, but when that love breaks, we hit the floor—hard. Your friend is feeling down and out right now, which is why our Malvern matchmakers here at Philadelphia Singles want to teach you how to help them out. Do what you can to help them get through this difficult time, because that’s what friends do.

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How to Comfort Their Broken Heart

How do you help a friend heal their broken heart? How do you help them move forward and get over it? It is possible to move forward in life, but it does require work. Everyone has experienced a broken heart at one point or another and come out on top.

Helping your friend through their breakup will not be easy. And just because men tend to be stronger than women, that’s not always the case. It doesn’t matter the gender, because a failed relationship can rip anyone apart.

Helping Your Friend Get through the Breakup

Our Malvern matchmakers have compiled a list of the top ways to help your friend heal their broken heart and move on with their life in a positive manner.

If your friend is going through a breakup, then this article will help you get them through it.

1. Listen & Don’t Judge Them

Listening is one of the most helpful things you can do for your friend right now. It sounds simple, yet it’s not very often we truly listen. We are always offering advice before we listen to the whole problem. Right now, it is your job to listen to your friend and understand what they’re saying. They are likely to feel confused right now, but whatever the reason they broke up, lend an ear and listen to it all.

2. Let Them Cry

Crying heals the soul and your friend is definitely going to cry; after all, nature gave us tears for a reason. When something just doesn’t feel right or when we feel emotional, the tears come out. It is a natural way for our body to clean itself from whatever it’s going through inside.

3. Don’t Give Them a Lecture

As humans, we always tend to point out what the other person did wrong. But as your friend is going through a breakup, you never want to do this. We recommend you just let your friend do the talking while lending them a sympathetic ear. There is no need to point the finger about who did what; after all, the relationship is over and there is nothing that can be done now.

4. Be Patient with Them

It’s easy to keep a friendship going during good times, but tough times us to the test. When a hard time, such as a breakup, pops up, it can put a strain on the relationship and cause a lot of stress.

You need to remind yourself to be patient with your friend right now. Even if it means listening to the same story over and over again, you have to be there for your friend. Maybe your friend helped you get through a time before, so remind yourself to be as patient as they were with you.

5. Help Them Move On

It’s not uncommon for someone to reach out to their ex after a split, especially if they’re trying to get a second chance or even just closure. But you need to remind them not to contact their ex because it will affect the healing process. This will be easier said than done, but in order to help them move on, you need to find a way to discourage them from reaching out.

Your friend cannot heal if they’re constantly talking to their ex. This is the perfect opportunity for them to focus on their own self-growth, so encourage your friend to try new hobbies, to join a gym, or just do the things they enjoy doing.

6. Do Fun Things Together

In order to help your friend during this difficult time you’re going to have to do fun things together, no drinks involved. Laughter is the best medicine, so our Malvern matchmakers encourage you to do fun things like taking them to a comedy show, the amusement park, or just hang out and watch funny movies at home. Whatever you do, try to avoid places they frequented with their ex—and avoid the bars too.

7. Sweat It Out Together

There is nothing better than a good workout. To let go of any stress or tension your friend might have, a good workout session is all they need. Take them running, swimming, walking, or hit the gym together… anything that will get the sweat flowing will do the job here.

8. List Their Strengths

Encourage your friend to use this time to identify their strengths. Tell them that they’re a very strong person and that they’ll get through this. This is the perfect time for your friend to rise above this and get prepared for their next relationship. Let your friend know that sometimes relationships don’t work out and that it happens that way for a reason—there is always something better waiting ahead.

You need to remember that there will be good days and bad days when helping your friend through the breakup. We know that you’re a good friend and can help them overcome this obstacle and find happiness once again. Good luck on your mission!

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