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It’s hard for a woman to know what a real man looks like today.  As the leading matchmakers in King of Prussia, we know firsthand that many women in Philadelphia have experienced their fair share of immature men.  Some women are left with such a bad taste in their mouth that they can’t even imagine dating again.  On the other hand, some women continue to make excuse after excuse and convince themselves that someday he will mature and make a better partner.  But as well-established matchmakers in King of Prussia, we’re here to tell you that if a man is in his 30s and hasn’t grown up, he’s not going to anytime soon.  As harsh as this is, some men are just immature and refuse to grow up and face life.

If you find yourself questioning whether the man you’re dating is mature or not, our matchmakers are going to help you out.  Our dating and relationship experts are going to show you how to tell he’s a man, not a boy.

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1. He devotes his attention to you when you’re together.

When you’re out on a date with a real man, he’s not going to be glued to his phone.  He will put it away and only check it if he is on call for work or expecting an important call.  He knows you deserve his undivided attention when you’re together.

The same rule applies to women.  If a group of attractive women go by, he’s not going to be checking them out.  Did he notice them?  Absolutely.  Did he ogle them?  No.  He kept his eyes focused on you because that’s what matters to him.  He doesn’t care about that pretty blonde that just walked by, all he wants is to get to know you better and enjoy your time together.

2. He doesn’t let arguments go unresolved.

The two of you don’t argue often, but he solves the problems when you do.  Instead of yelling at you or running away, he will sit down and solve the problem respectfully.  If there is something on your mind, he will sit there and listen to you and respond accordingly.

Although he doesn’t like that the two of you disagree, he knows that this is an inevitable part of any relationship.  As a mature man, he knows that two people will have different opinions from time to time.  In fact, he respects you so much that he respects your opinion and encourages you to speak your mind.

No matter the argument or who caused it, he will figure out a way to solve it.

3. He takes care of himself.

One of the easiest ways to know if a man is a real man is if he takes care of himself.  He should be able to look after himself in every aspect of his life.

Of course the two of you will go out and eat burgers and fries once in a while, or maybe enjoy a few glasses of wine, but his life is balanced and healthy.  He not only takes care of his body, but he leads a healthy life overall and encourages you to do the same.

He looks after his mind, body, and soul.  This man has principles that he stands by and encourages you to follow suit.

This isn’t the guy that will come home drunk in the middle of the night.  Why?  Because he rarely gets drunk.  You’ll never get a phone call asking to come pick him up because he drank too much or got into a fight.

4. He doesn’t play dating games.

From the day he met you, he made his intentions clear.  His actions always match his words.  He has continued to show you the same attention that he showed in the beginning even though it’s been a few weeks or months now.

He doesn’t play games with you or try to manipulate you.  He only says what he means and sticks to his word.

Many men in Philadelphia play games and can be hard to read.  But a gentleman will never play games with you.

5. He thinks of the consequences of his actions.

A grown man will always think before acting or speaking.  Of course this doesn’t mean he can’t be spontaneous once a while, but when it comes to impulsive things that could pose a problem in his life, he always thinks long and hard.  This trait is especially great when it comes to relationships because he won’t be rushing you to do things or falling into temptation.

An immature man always acts first and asks for forgiveness later.  A real man knows his reputation is on the line and will never do anything to jeopardize it.  It sounds simple and obvious, but immature men can’t do what mature men do.  They say one thing and do the opposite.  If you are unsure if you’re dating a man or a boy, just take a look at his actions and see how they measure up.

6. He talks about the future with you.

If a man wants to be in a relationship with you, he will discuss the future with you.  Commitment is nothing for a mature man to fear.  He will have no problems discussing and making future plans with you.

He will not just make plans for the upcoming weekend, he will talk about long-term plans and include you in them, perhaps a few years down the road.  A real man has his life figured out, and even if he doesn’t have it all planned to a T, he at least has a sense of direction.

He will not shy away from this topic of conversation, and you might even find that he’s the one who brings it up.  If he is happy to discuss future plans, then you know he is a real man who is worthy of dating.

Finding quality men in Philadelphia is very challenging.  If you’re tired of dating immature men, contact the leading matchmakers in King of Prussia today and let us help you with your search.  Fill out the private form at the top of the page to reserve your FREE 90 minute matchmaking consultation today!

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