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Moving in together is one of the biggest steps in any relationship. The butterflies you felt in your stomach during the first date, or the nervousness you felt during your first kiss, will never compare to the nerves you’ll get when you ask your partner to move in with you.

You never know what your partner is going to say, and either of the two answers can leave you feeling overwhelmed. A no can be followed by an argument, questions and doubts about the relationship, and can even spell the end of everything you had together.

A yes, on the other hand, can bring happiness to your life, but expert matchmakers in Philadelphia know it can also bring worry about how things are going to work out.

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Are You Ready to Move in with Your Partner?

Before you pop the big question, it’s advised you should check whether or not you are ready to make this big move. Living alone can be comfortable, especially if you are used to living by yourself for many years now.

No one is there to notice you’ve been wearing the same t-shirt the whole week, no one is going to smell the trash you forgot to take out, except maybe your dog or cat. Moving in with your partner means having to give up all the luxuries you enjoy from living by yourself.

When you live together, on the other hand, you wake up to your partner’s morning breath and fall asleep to their annoying snoring. And expert matchmakers in Philadelphia warn that the time you spend together will not be as romantic as it used to be because now you will be used to seeing them every day. Your days will now be filled with chores, such as who does laundry or who takes out the trash. Do you think you’re ready for this big step and everything that comes along with it?

The Wrong Reasons to Move in with Your Partner

Expert matchmakers in Philadelphia know that taking this big step in your relationship takes a lot of maturity and commitment. Moving in together will definitely test the relationship, though, the decision to move in together should not be done solely with ulterior motives.

1. You Already Sleep Together Every Night

It might seem like a good idea to move in with your partner since, in your mind, you are already sleeping there every night anyway. However, moving in together includes spending full days, not just nights.

As the good old saying goes, familiarity creates contempt. What might feel like a good idea in the beginning could actually come back and backfire on you in the end.

2. To Save Money on Your Utilities

Living alone can surely be financially taxing, especially because you are the only one in charge of paying rent, electricity, and water bills. When you want to update the furniture in your house, you’ll have to save up for it all by yourself. When something breaks down, you have to save all by yourself to fix it. It can be tempting to move in with a partner just to save on utilities.

However, deciding to move in together just to save money can create problems. Your partner might think you’re moving in attempts to use them for money. And if they earn more money than you, they might think you’re only dating them for that reason. Having a partner to share the bills with you is great, but it shouldn’t be your motive for moving in.

3. To Fix Your Relationship

Expert matchmakers in Philadelphia warn that this is by far the worst reason to move in together. Many couples think that moving in together will fix their relationship. They believe that by living together and hanging out with each other more will make things work. Unfortunately, this tactic doesn’t work.

Moving in together when your relationship is good is hard enough, so imagine what will happen if you move in together when your relationship is already on the brink of failing. Think about it, you wouldn’t jump in the water to save someone from drowning if you have no idea how to swim; otherwise, both of you would drown.

How to Ask Your Partner to Move in

Asking your partner to move in together is a huge step in your relationship. Get prepared to do it right as expert matchmakers in Philadelphia show you some helpful tips to do it right.

1. Ease into It

Invite your partner to stay the night during the week. Pick one night when you are able to prepare a meal for them and watch movies together. Make sure your house is nice and clean and welcoming.

Clean the house, take the trash out, do the dishes, and light some candles. You don’t want your partner sitting down on the sofa to a messy house or a stinky odor.

Once your partner gets used to spending the night there, suggest they leave some of their belongings, such as their toothbrush and toiletries. Or better yet, you should make note of what toiletries they use and buy them so they’re already there. They will surely appreciate the efforts of making your home as homey as can be.

Take things up a notch and clear out a drawer so they have somewhere to keep their belongings. Sooner or later, you’ll find that your partner is staying over a lot more. Surely, after making your home welcoming, it won’t be difficult to ask them to move in with you.

2. Do It with Romance

A moving proposal can be just as nerve-wracking as getting down on one knee. Some people ask the question casually, others while at dinner, and others while driving. The thing here is for you to pick the right moment, but it works best if you bring romance into it.

This is especially true for women. You want to ask her to move in with you in a way that is special and meaningful for her.

Moving in together with a partner is one of the biggest steps you will take in your relationship; however, it cannot be done just because. Before you ask your partner to move in with you, make sure you’re ready and committed to making things work.

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