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In today’s world, divorce rates are at an all-time high.  But for most people, a divorce symbolizes failure, and many women cringe at the idea of dating a man who is divorced, even if the divorce was amicable.  Unfortunately, many women believe that divorced men are damaged goods.

However, as the leading matchmakers in Philadelphia, we know firsthand that divorced men are not damaged goods.  In fact, many women find their happily-ever-after with a divorced man.  If you think all the good men are taken, think again.  It’s time to expand your search, because being open to dating divorced men will open new possibilities in your romantic life.  However, just like anything else in life, there is a right and wrong approach.  Don’t fret, we’ll reveal the expert tips you need to date with success.

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Things to Consider in Dating Divorced Men

If you found a divorced man who piques your interest, you might be excited to get the ball rolling, but don’t get carried away just yet.  Today, our expert matchmakers are going to show you a few things to keep in mind when you date a divorced man.

1. Timing means everything.

Before you start dating a divorced man, you must figure out where his divorce stands.  Is he just going through the process, or did it happen a long time ago?

As the leading matchmakers in Philadelphia, we want you to know where his divorce stands.  It is very important because it will tell you just how committed he will be to you and the relationship.

2. You might have to keep things discrete for a while.

So your new man might be divorced, but that doesn’t mean the divorce is behind him.  He still has friends from the marriage, so you must entertain the idea that he might not want to bring you around just yet.  He may expect you to be discrete about the relationship, at least until things settle down.

3. Stay off social media.

Being discrete also means keeping your relationship off of your social media accounts.  Not only do you have to keep it hidden from his friends, but you have to keep it hidden from your friends on social media.  You can’t advertise your new relationship on social media, at least not for now.

4. He’s already done everything once before.

He has already experienced everything that comes with settling down and being in a committed relationship, so don’t expect him to be as gung-ho about settling down as you might be.  His divorce might have left him jaded about relationships altogether.  On the upside, he also has a lot of experience that will make the relationship go smoother than a guy who has never been in a serious relationship.  He already knows the importance of communication, compromise, and equal give and take.

5. You might hear about his ex a lot.

Be prepared to hear about his ex in conversation, especially if the divorce is still fresh.  He might talk to her or run into her at the store, which is something you must be okay with, especially if they live in the same town or have children together.

6. Don’t pry for more information.

As his girlfriend, it’s natural to be curious about what happened, especially as a woman, but try not to pry for information.  Whatever he chooses to tell you, that’s up to him.  But let him be the one to come out and say it without prying it from him.

7. You might have to meet the ex.

If your boyfriend shares responsibilities with his ex, like a house or children, you might run into her at one point or another.  While it might be awkward for you, don’t make it any worse on anyone involved.  No matter what she says or how she looks at you, remember to be the bigger person.

8. His friends and family might judge you.

Once the day comes and you’re introduced to his friends and family, don’t expect to be loved by everyone.  Some of his friends and family members may be prone to judging you to see how you compare to his ex.  Don’t let this bring you down, though.  At the end of the day, you cannot please everyone.  The important thing is to focus on the relationship with him and the rest will fall into place with your patience and understanding.

9. His kids might not welcome you with open arms.

If he has children, then they might judge you as well.  Now, your relationship with them is going to be difficult but not impossible.  You must consider their feelings and well-being first and foremost.

10. Are you ready to have children?

If your boyfriend has children, then they mean the world to him.  Are you ready to have a boyfriend who already has children and puts them above you?  You might have to adjust to the idea of becoming an instant mother, or at least creating a connection with them.

If your goal is simply to have a relationship, and you’re not ready to be with someone who has so much responsibility in life, then dating a divorced man with children might not be ideal for you.

11. He might be scarred when it comes to love.

A horrible marriage can leave a man scarred when it comes to love and dating.  Perhaps his ex-wife has a mental illness or addiction that left him swearing off dating again.  Either way, no one comes out of a divorce unscratched.  If you happen to be dating a divorced man, know that he might be traumatized from his marriage.  It requires an understanding and patient woman to deal with relationship scars.

12. He might not have learned from past mistakes.

No matter how cliché this one sounds, it takes two people to tango.  The marriage might not have come to an end because of his ex-wife but rather because of him.  Take a closer look at your boyfriend and figure out why his wife left him.  Maybe he has a short temper, too many shortcomings, or perhaps he is rather heartless.  Think about your current relationship and how he treats you to see if you notice any patterns.  Maybe he never learned from the mistakes he made in his marriage and is doing them all over again.

Dating a divorced man is not always a walk in the park and can present you with many challenges.  You need to do your best to be level-headed, kind, and considerate if you want to make your relationship work.

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