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Being able to attract men is good, and it gives you many options to choose from when dating. It gives you happiness, confidence, and many more benefits; however, if you’re always attracting the wrong type of partner, life will be sucked right out of you.

Imagine this scenario, you and your friends are out on the town. There are several groups of men that you and your friends find attractive. One group is very loud and drawing a lot of attention to themselves, while the other group is more quiet and laidback.

As the night goes on, you find yourself being attracted to the very obnoxious group. Maybe you go to a different bar with them and hang out the rest of the night. You keep in touch and not too long after, you begin dating one of them.

It’s at this point you realize that one of them was a bad boy, and the story of your life repeats itself once again.

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Why Do You Always Go for the Bad Boys?

With over 25 years of premiere matchmaking in Philadelphia, we have seen many instances of women being attracted to the wrong type of guys. Today, our professional matchmakers will review some of the reasons you might be attracting all the jerks, men who do everything it takes to charm you and end up breaking your heart in the end. We’ll help you figure out why you’re single today.

1. You Ignore Quiet Men

Bad boys often tend to be the loudest in the crowd. You know the type, the ones to put on a show at bars and clubs. And while this might be appealing to you, it’s also a loud warning sign that they are very immature. Chanting and yelling should tell you that they have not yet grown up.

Bad boys are the ones who still have that college mentality and have a lot of growing up to do. The next time you’re out on the town, why not give that quieter man a chance because we know you might be surprised.

2. You Reward Their Bad Behavior

It could be as little as laughing at one of their jokes, flirting with them, or still trying to get them to talk to you after you notice them slapping the behind of their attractive waitress. You might not realize it, but what you’re doing is encouraging bad behavior, which is why he pursues you.

3. You Go for the Same Pattern

This is one of the most basic yet overlooked things you might be doing wrong in the dating world. If you don’t want to end up dating jerks time and time again, then don’t date another cookie cutter version of your ex. If you want a different outcome, then you must break the same old pattern.

4. You Think Nice Men Are Boring

It’s sad but true. It’s possible that you think nice men are just too boring. Women often claim they want to be treated like princesses, yet somehow, some way, they can’t resist the allure of a bad boy.

Why is he always mean to me? Why does he treat me like trash? Is it possible to fix him? Trying to get an answer to those questions might have seemed fun when you were younger, but after years of playing the game, it will get exhausting.

Pro Tip: The connection and emotional security you get from dating a nice man is very exciting. So why not change up your routine and give the nice men a try?

5. You’re Very Harsh on Yourself

If you are a person who uses a little bit too much sarcasm, then you might be scaring emotionally mature men away. Smart men want a woman they can let their guard down with and connect with. If you’re always putting men down and using a lot of sarcasm, you might be scaring the right type of men away and actually be drawing the jerks in.

6. You Don’t Think Hard Enough Before You Get Involved

Not thinking hard enough before jumping into a relationship with a man can be a recipe for disaster. Before you enter into a new relationship, our matchmakers want you to think about it long and hard to ensure that the same patterns do not repeat again.

If there’s one things all of our years of matchmaking in Philadelphia have allowed us to do, it’s help women realize that it can be easy, too easy, to fall into familiar patterns when dating. Just because a hot man is into you doesn’t mean he is good for a relationship. This is why you need to think long and hard before you date a man.

7. You Seek Their Approval
Many times, women think they need approval from bad boys. Perhaps they see the rejection from a bad boy as a threat to their self-esteem, or maybe they were once turned down by a bad boy when they were young and now they want to turn things around, but in order to fix this, they date bad boys. Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in past dating experiences.

8. You Are Emotionally Unavailable

Men who are mature and looking for serious relationships don’t go for women who put up walls. This is because they are looking to make a deeper connection, which can be tough if you are constantly putting up walls.

Bad boys, on the other hand, could care less if a woman is emotionally unavailable because they, themselves, are like the same way. In the mind of a bad boy, emotionally unavailable women are perfect because they can disappear on them easily.

While bad boys might seem interesting and intriguing, they’re actually draining in the long run. The main reason they are bad boys is because they don’t know how to express themselves in a normal way. Do you really want to continue to live like this? Do you always want to feel stressed and frustrated with your love life? We know you don’t.

Keep in mind that the aura you project and the way you respond to men will have a lot to do with what type of men are attracted to you. When you tend to go for the jerks, the nicer men will pull away from you and you’ll be left with all the jerks.

If you’re ready to start meeting relationship-minded men, contact our professional matchmakers today and let us help you get started!


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