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Women who are relationship-ready are not as scarce as you might believe. Nearly everywhere you look, you can find single women in Philadelphia—walking in the park, reading a book in your local library, staring at an exhibit at a local gallery, or sipping their favorite coffee at the local Starbucks. You might even find one sitting next to you right now as you’re eating lunch at your favorite restaurant. Guys, you just have to know where to look for them!

You have been to your local watering hole every week, hoping to meet the woman of your dreams, but the woman of your dreams isn’t just any woman. Looking for a woman who is relationship-minded and fits your dating criteria takes time. And she is probably not going to frequent local bars, so if that’s where you think you’re going to find the one, you have it all wrong.

So if you can’t find her at your local bar, where can you find her? Well, we’re here to tell you there are many places to meet single women in Philadelphia. The key is going to places that also interest you. You might find the woman of your dreams reading at your local bookstore. Not into reading? How about sports or arts? To find a woman who is relationship-ready, you must first be in her sights, and of course you’re going to have to be relationship material yourself.

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Are You Relationship-Ready?

Before you embark on the challenge of finding a woman who is relationship-ready, you need to be ready as well. Are you emotionally ready to be in love with someone? Are you mature enough to handle a committed relationship? Are you financially stable?

If you’re not any of those things, stop searching. You will lose her over and over again if you’re not ready yourself.

Where to Find Relationship-Ready Single Women in Philadelphia

There are a number of places here in Philly to meet relationship-minded women. Today, our Philadelphia Singles matchmakers will show you a list of places you can search for her (and hopefully strike love this summer).

1. While Jogging at the Park

A woman who runs regularly is a woman who knows how to take care of her body. She likes to be healthy and knows how important it is for her overall wellbeing. She does not mind being sweaty around others and knows that it’s a normal part of everyday life. This woman’s active lifestyle is radiant.

2. Local Bookstore

A relationship-ready woman can be caught inside a local bookstore in the evenings or on weekends.   She is well-rounded and interesting because she’s always reading and expanding her knowledge. This is a woman you can talk to about everything and anything. It could be things like politics, different countries and cultures, places she’s traveled, and different cuisines.

You don’t have to worry about her being out on the town getting blasted every weekend because she’ll most likely spend her weekends cuddled up with a good read.

3. Your Favorite Restaurant

A secure woman doesn’t mind eating alone at a restaurant, and she might even order some of the same dishes you like. A relationship-minded woman will be eating her meal without constantly checking her phone or making a commotion with her girlfriends. She is not on a strict diet and enjoys a good meal. She is a woman who enjoys her food but doesn’t overeat.

4. Music Shows

She is not afraid to dance to her favorite artist. She is a free spirit and enjoys life to the fullest. She doesn’t care what people say about her because she is confident in your own skin. With her, you can cut loose and have a good time just about anywhere you go. And with so many live shows and outdoor festivals in Philly, you shouldn’t have any troubles this summer.

5. Coffee Shops

She is the woman who lives on the same street as you. She is the woman you pass every day and say hi. She is welcoming, down to earth, and she always has a smile on her face. She spends her afternoons at local coffee shops while reading her favorite book. She enjoys the calm and quietness of quaint shops and quiet parks.

6. At the Park

She is the woman feeding the ducks or pigeons and is always there around lunchtime. People know her by now and know she is a regular. She is very sensitive, the kind of woman who would give her lunch to a homeless person without even thinking twice. She enjoys nature—the trees, the grass, and the animals around. And it’s with this woman that you’ll learn to appreciate life and all it has to offer.

7. Volunteering

She is very compassionate. You won’t find her out on the town partying the night away. Instead, she’ll spend her Thursday evening at local shelters and soup kitchens. You won’t find her hungover on Saturday mornings either. Instead, she’ll be at her local animal shelter petting the cats and dogs. With her, you’ll learn compassion as well.

8. Local Church

She is a regular there. She could be the woman sitting next to you in the pew. She has a relationship with God and cherishes that relationship. This type of woman has a lot of values and beliefs, which are obviously the same as yours. She is the type of woman you can take home to your parents without a worry in the world.

9. Matchmaking Agencies

Professional matchmaking agencies, such as Philadelphia Singles Dating Service, have been introducing local men to the relationship-ready women for over two decades. Our dedicated matchmakers know that you are searching for someone special, and sometimes work and hectic lifestyles can get in the way, leaving you with no time to search on your own. If that sounds like you, then our matchmakers can help you by introducing you to women who are fun, attractive, and also ready to settle down.

When you search for a woman who is relationship-minded, you’ll have better chances of finding her if you search for her at places you enjoy frequenting yourself. Just enjoy life and be the best person you can be. Keep your eyes open for women who share the same interests as you. One of them might be the woman of your dreams.

If you’re ready to find that someone special this summer, simply fill out the confidential questionnaire to get started today!

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