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We’ve all heard people joke about their “work husband” or “work wife.” But what happens when they take it too far? How do you know if it’s harmless or if they’re crossing the line? If you spend a lot of time at the office with someone, they might develop an attraction to you and start flirting with you.

Whether they’re just doing it for fun, they like the attention, or they’re attracted to you and want to see how far they can take it, there are many reasons why married people flirt. But if you’re not sure if your married coworker is flirting or not, it’s time you evaluate the situation and proceed with great caution. After all, you don’t want to your actions to be taken as flirtations.

To help you determine if it’s happening to you, our Paoli matchmakers have put together a list of seven warning signs your married coworker is flirting with you. If you recognize a few of these behaviors, there are a few ways you can end it.

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1. They’ll do anything to be near you.

Do they walk by your desk a lot just to be able to pop in and say hi? Do they always bump into you at the water cooler? Do they always seem to take their break at the same time? That’s no accident. They’re doing anything and everything they can to bump into you as often as they can. If you want to test this one out, change up your routine a little bit and see if it still happens.

2. They’re always complimenting you.

Are they always telling you how nice you look or letting you know how beautiful you are? Do they always find a way to work in something about your outfit or hairstyle? If they’re always complimenting you on your looks, you can guarantee they’re flirting with you.

3. They never miss an opportunity to be next to you.

Do they always find a way to grab the open seat next to you? At conferences, on break, and while out to lunch? If they practically run your coworkers over to sit next to you, they’re definitely into you.

4. They’re always inviting you out.

Do they always find a way to casually ask you out for coffee? Do they always leave for lunch the same time as you and ask you to join them? Have they even suggested happy hour by yourselves? It’s not out of the ordinary to grab coffee or lunch with your coworkers. It’s quite normal for people have lunch buddies. But if your married coworker only has intentions of having one coffee pal (you), then they’re definitely flirting with you.

5. They can’t help but to tease you.

Everyone knows that teasing is a surefire form of flirting. We’re sure you remember the good old days on the playground, back when playful name-calling and hair-tugging were the easiest way to show your crush you liked them. Well, not much changes as an adult. If your married coworker constantly finds a way to tease you, they’re definitely letting you know they’re into you.

6. They want to know all about your personal life.

Most importantly your romantic life. Whether you’re single or taken, there’s no escaping them on this one. Single? Then they want to know who the types of people you’re talking to and where you’re meeting them. Happily taken? Then they want to know everything about your partner, your relationship, and everything you do on the weekends.

7. They’re jealous of your coworkers.

Do they act a little odd when they see you in the break room talking to someone of the opposite sex? Does it seem like they get a little bent out of shape if you go to lunch with someone else?

Start paying attention to how they react to your other friendships in the office. Do they get jealous? Do they cause a distraction when you’re talking to someone else? Do they interrogate you when you get back from lunch with another friend? If so, you have your answer – they’re absolutely flirting with you.

Did you notice a handful of these seven signs? Then your married coworker is definitely flirting with you. So now what? What do you do? You have to step up and take action by putting some distance between you. Don’t give them the opportunity to be alone with you, especially outside of work. If you have to be a little firm and cold to free yourself from this unwanted flirting, so be it.

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