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No matter the race, background, age, or education, couples will eventually suffer from one very common problem, monotony. Relationship monotony may be the reason why divorce rates are increasing and more and more people find themselves single and alone again.

Every story out there is different, and everyone has their own reasons to leave a relationship, but there is no denying that boredom can cause a relationship to fall apart.

The whole point of being in a relationship is to spend the rest of your life with your partner, someone whose company you enjoy. But what happens when you wake up one morning and realize that things are not the way they used to be and that your relationship has fallen into a rut? Philadelphia dating experts know this is when you’ll begin feeling resentful, bored, and even angry.

But what many couples don’t realize is that monotony can easily be fixed, as long as both partners are willing to put in the work. If you’re working towards a promotion at work, you’re likely going to put in extra hours in the office. If you’re trying to achieve a toned body, you’re going to put time and energy into your workout routines and diet. And if you’re able to invest the time and energy into these areas of your life, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t be putting in the same amount of work to make your relationship successful.

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Philadelphia Dating Advice | 7 Secret Tips to Break the Monotony

1. Travel Together

Do you want your relationship to feel like it did in the beginning? Do you want to feel inspired? Then, traveling is exactly what you need. There isn’t a better way to break the monotony than by traveling together.

When you leave the cozy comfort of your everyday life, you will end up doing new things you’re not accustomed to. You’ll see new places you’re not familiar with, taste new foods, hear new sounds, and feel totally refreshed.

Pick a place and book a vacation. Do not make excuses; do not put it on the backburner; just do it now. Remember, traveling is the number one cure for monotony.

2. Explore Your Sexuality

Many couples fall into a routine when it comes to the bedroom, whether it’s only engaging in sex once a month or treating the act as a chore. If you want your relationship to break free from the monotony, then our matchmakers know you need bring that spark back in the bedroom.

Spice up your romantic life by having intimacy more often or do something different so that both of you are satisfied.

3. Do Something New

Another way to kill the monotony in your relationship is to try doing new things as a couple. It could be rollerblading together in the park, going kayaking in the river, or just checking out a nearby town over the weekend, but no matter what you do, make sure it’s something you’ve never done together before. The more challenging the task, the more engaging and exciting it will be.

4. Start a New Project

You can kick monotony out of your relationship by starting a new project together. It doesn’t have to be anything that should be left for the pros, like building a pool or putting an addition on your house, but just something the two of you can work on together.

It could be something as simple as making it priority to go running together every morning, signing up for an Italian cooking class, or even just a gardening project for the backyard. No matter what you choose, our Philadelphia dating and relationship experts know it will break the monotony and help you bond with your partner.

5. Welcome a New Life

Perhaps the relationship has become monotonous is because the two of you aren’t enough. Have you thought about adding a new addition to your life? We’re talking about a sweet and cuddly pet.

Remember, never do this as a purpose for saving a relationship because it won’t work. Do it because you think it will improve your relationship. Having a pet and raising it together will help the two of you work and grow together.

6. Meet New Friends

A great way to keep your relationship from becoming dull and boring is to start meeting new friends. The thing about friendships, even though they’re great, is that they become repetitive, just like relationships.

Even when you go out with your friends, you end up doing the same things, going to the same bars, and eating at the same restaurants. Shake things up by meeting new friends. They will introduce you to a whole new world and bring excitement back to your life. You’ll engage in different kinds of conversations, visit different bars and lounges, and check out different things and places around town.   Don’t be shy of creating new friendships because it will give you new things to talk about together as well.

7. Better Your Space

Don’t just point the finger at your partner for the relationship becoming monotonous. Take a look at your life and see what else has because monotonous? Are you tired of seeing the same four walls every day? Are you tired of the same old routine you do every day? Well, our Philadelphia dating advice to fix this is to change your environment.

Yes, we know it’s hard, if not impossible to quit your job, but you can spruce up your routine by running errands in the afternoon, joining a gym, or taking on new hobbies and interests in the evenings or weekends.

It is also good to reinvent your living space. Whether it’s by painting walls, redecorating, or just moving furniture around, a DIY project at home is not only fun, but it will also make you work together as a team.

Once you realize that getting rid of monotony means doing fun things and getting out of your comfort zone, you’ll realize that it was never that hard to handle in the first place.

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