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You have gone through the healing process, but for some reason, you find yourself thinking about your long lost ex. But why? You know deep inside that you are completely over your ex-partner. You have made peace with what happened and you’re happy with your new and successful relationship. But sometimes, you can’t help but to wonder why, despite all the time that has passed, you still think about your ex.

Does that mean you want to get back with them? Are you secretly hoping for a second chance? Do you miss all the fabulous times you had with them? The truth is, probably not. But the mere fact that they cross your mind means something, right?

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The Reasons Why You Still Think of Your Ex

Don’t jump to conclusions just yet and think that because your ex crosses your mind that you want to get back with them. Our Philadelphia dating experts know there are many reasons why they are still on your mind, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you want another shot with them.

1. You Both Have the Same Friends

The two of you have the same circle of friends, and that’s fine because it is not uncommon to share the same friends with an ex. Sometimes, the relationship might have even started off because of a common friend. If this is the case, you might come across this mutual friend on social media, and they might have statuses, pictures, or check-ins with your ex.

And, well, you guess it… This is certainly going to remind you of the past. It is a completely normal feeling to remember your ex. It just so happens that there are still people you both have in common, which causes you to reminisce.

2. “I used to order the same thing.”

This is the same exact thing my ex used to order when we were out together. Do you find yourself remembering the things your ex used to eat on particular days or at particular places? Do you find your mind wandering into the past? Do you remember your ex’s favorite dish and which one they hated the most? It’s all about the experiences the two of you shared, the restaurants you visited, and all their favorite dishes.

Our Philadelphia dating experts know this is another normal part of remembering your ex. And just because you remember these types of details doesn’t mean you’re hung up on your ex. It just so happens that your memory recalls things from the past, causing your mind to get flooded with emotions.

3. “I was here before.”

With your ex. And now, you’re revisiting the same place with your current partner. It is completely acceptable to have flashbacks, especially if you had visited the same place often.

We like to call this déjà vu. You might have been at the same spot with your ex and now you’re there with your new partner. We know your mind happens to associate this place with your ex, which is why your mind is remembering your ex. Just keep in mind that you made memories in this place in the past, but that doesn’t mean you can’t replace those memories by making new ones with the new person you’re dating.

4. You See Them Everywhere You Go

It is impossible to see someone you know and not think about them. If you run into your ex at your favorite restaurant, the local deli, or the neighborhood bowling alley, it will be difficult to push your thoughts about them out of your mind.

Thinking about your ex is one thing, but thinking of them and how great they were in a relationship is a completely different thing. If you pass by them at your favorite restaurant and briefly think about them, then it’s no big deal. But if you keep dwelling on it, well, that is not good. Your brain should tell your ex is here, but you should quickly move onto something else.

5. A Social Media World

Social media is both a blessing and a curse when it comes to relationships. First of all, you get to be connected with all of your friends and see what everyone is up to, no matter where they’re at in the world. If you are friends with your ex, you’re bound to see and think about them because of what they’re posting. It’s right in your face, how could you not?

6. “This is my favorite thing.”

Just because the two of you broke up doesn’t mean you have to return everything your ex gave you, correct? So of course you probably kept a few of the gifts you got over the years as mementos and use them in your everyday life. An example being a jacket, a phone, or a laptop.

When someone asks you where you got that purse or that wallet, it may drum up memories of your ex because, of course, they are the ones who gave it to you for a special event or anniversary. You will start remembering the origin of that gift because it involves your ex. Now, just because you start thinking about your ex, our Philadelphia dating experts know it doesn’t mean you want to get back with them.

7. Heart to Heart Conversations

We have times when we open up to our friends about our previous relationships, which seems to happen a lot. It could be because you are advising a close friend who is going through a similar experience or because you learned a lesson from your previous relationship. One of these stories can be about something that happened in the past between you and your partner, such as cheating or how you overcame an issue in your relationship. Just because your ex crosses your mind doesn’t mean you’re still hung up on them. If you can casually talk about them without getting upset or irritated, then you’re good to go.

Don’t think that just because your ex crosses your mind that there are still lingering and loving feelings in there. Remember that the past is where it belongs, and you are onto bigger and better things. Just keep this in mind when your ex creeps up into your thoughts the next time.

If you’re at a happy place in your life, or even in a new and loving relationship, don’t let the thoughts of your ex plague your mind—believe us, you’ll be fine.

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