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What are you supposed to think when your boyfriend’s behavior changes?  Is it because your partner is pursuing another woman?  If you have the vibe that something is off and don’t know what it is, it could be your gut telling you that your boyfriend is secretly seeing another woman.  Maybe there are a few clues, or maybe it’s just a nagging feeling.  You might try not to think about it too much, but every time you do you get sick.

Don’t worry, as the best Philadelphia dating service, we’re here to help you out.  Today, our matchmakers will show you the telltale signs your boyfriend is cheating on you.  If you see a handful of these warning signs, it’s time you confront him.

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1. Mysterious Phone Calls

When your boyfriend’s cell phone goes off, does he check who it is and take the phone call outside or whisper into the phone?  This behavior requires an explanation.  There could be a surprise party in the works or an anniversary present coming your way, but if the mysterious phone calls continue to come in and they don’t have anything to do with a surprise for you, then question him right away.

2. He Becomes Defensive When Questioned

After your boyfriend took that top secret phone call, you questioned him about who was on the line.  He snapped, flipped out on you, and told you not to worry about it.  If the phone call was nothing, why is he getting overly defensive about it?  It could be because there’s another woman on the other end of the line.

3. More Business Trips or Late Nights Than Ever

Yes, this one is a classic sign someone is cheating.  While your boyfriend might be working hard to get that job promotion and putting in extra hours at work, more often than not, business trips and late nights at work symbolize cheating, especially if he doesn’t tell you what he’s doing.

4. He’s Changed His Appearance

Your boyfriend might be putting in a genuine effort to do a little self-improvement; however, if he’s done a complete makeover and it’s not to take you out on dates, you have every right to wonder who he’s changed for.  If he goes to work looking like a GQ model, he’s trying to impress someone.

5. He’s Changed His Behavior

Is your boyfriend becoming less affectionate towards you?  Then this is a sign he’s feeling a little distanced.  However, more affection isn’t always a good thing either.  This could be him overcompensating for something he did or trying to cover up the fact that he’s cheating.

6. He’s Suddenly Following Women on Social Media

Have you noticed that he’s liking and posting to a certain woman on Facebook?  What about the women he follows on Instagram?  If you noticed that he’s in contact with a lot of women lately, then you can probably guess what’s on his mind.

7. He Lashes Out at You

Is your guy getting in more arguments with you?  Are the arguments over little things?  When a guy lashes out, it’s because he’s looking for an excuse to get away and go to his other woman.

8. He Needs More Private Time

You thought he was comfortable with you knowing more about him and being close to him, but he suddenly starts demanding more private time.  He goes out more than ever and doesn’t tell you where he’s been.  If your boyfriend is all the sudden asking for more alone time, that could be a sign he’s cheating on you.

While one of these signs on their own might not mean a thing, if your partner is guilty of a handful of these behaviors, then it’s time to sit him down and question his recent change in behavior.  If you find out he’s cheating, then you know what you need to do next.

If you’re tired of meeting players and cheaters, contact our Philadelphia dating service and let our skillful matchmakers introduce you to quality single men in Philly who are relationship-minded and compatible with you.  To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today!



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