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Every woman has been there before. Maybe you saw nothing by a friendship from the beginning, or maybe you were into him at one point. Whatever the situation, you don’t want things to get awkward. Time has passed and you’re checking out other men. It’s okay not to be into someone, but our Philadelphia dating service knows that doesn’t make it any less uncomfortable. But you can’t feel obligated to start a relationship just because you feel bad about hurting his feelings.

Philadelphia Dating Service Teaches You How to Friend Zone a Guy

So now that you’ve made up your mind about him and know he will never be a partner for you comes the tricky part. Now you need to friend zone him. There are many ways you can do this. Today our expert matchmakers are going to show you how to friend zone a guy the mature way. Get ready to learn how to let him down gently.

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1. Go ahead and tell him.

Yeah, we know you are probably dreading doing this one. Nobody is saying it’s going to be easy, but you need to get your point across. You might be feeling nervous because you’re afraid to hurt him; however, it has to be done if you want him to stop making advances on you.

If you don’t tell him and continue to act like nothing is wrong, then he is going to continue to make advances on you and the awkwardness lingers on.

2. Stop giving him mixed signals.

If you sit close together and watch movies with him at your place, that’s not going to help things out. You need to stop giving him mixed signals right away. You are giving him the OK to continue going after you. Yes, we know you love getting all this attention from him, but if you don’t see a relationship, then it must stop. Our matchmakers want you to take a step back, stop inviting him for movie nights at your place, and stop accepting date invitations. If you continue doing couple’s things, he’s never going to get the hint.

3. Emphasize the great platonic relationship you have with him.

If you can somehow squeeze in, “You’re like a brother to mem” he will likely get the hint. He might or might not get it, but it doesn’t hurt to try. Emphasizing that you have a great platonic relationship with him might make him realize that you only want him in your life as a friend.

4. Stop hanging out so much.

If you are spending all your free time with him, then of course he is going to think that his advances are going somewhere. You need to cut down on the amount of time you spend with him. Don’t do it suddenly, but gradually wean him off of you. Maybe one of those days he doesn’t spend time with you, he’ll meet another woman. That would be ideal, right? Spending all your time with him is actually preventing him from finding another woman. Go ahead and start spending time with your other friends, go to yoga classes, or just start a new hobby.

5. Talk about other women.

Don’t overdo this one or he might realize that you are trying to friend zone him. Even though we know he is into you, talking about other women will show him that you don’t see him in a relationship type of way. Obviously you don’t mind talking about other women because you don’t like him like that. He might be a little hesitant at first, but you can slowly engage him in conversation about other women.

6. Talk about other men.

Talk about the cutie from work you keep running into or the sexy hunk you see every morning at the gym. If you don’t want to hurt him, you can spare him the details. But talking about other men makes it clear that you don’t see him as boyfriend material. He’ll hopefully get the hint and understand that you only see him as a good friend. Nothing says, “I’m not interested in you” like talking about other men.

7. Don’t go on romantic dates with him.

Did he invite you to a romantic dinner for two? Did he ask you to go to an exotic vacation destination with him? Even though the idea of going to a fancy dinner date sounds great, our Philadelphia dating service encourages you to use your better judgment. You need to decline romantic hangouts. If you say yes, you’ll be placing yourself in an awkward situation and giving him mixed signals.

8. Play down your looks.

If every time you see him you look like a super model from a magazine or have a face full of makeup, you are doing it all wrong. This doesn’t mean you need to look grungy, but you need to stop making yourself look so good around him. Go easy on the makeup, the perfume, and the clothes. If you’re always dolling yourself up and looking sexy around him, he’s going to think it’s to impress him.

9. Don’t meet his friends and family.

This might be a little difficult to do, as he is a good friend of yours. However, you need to do everything in your power to not meet those close to him. When a man is interested in a woman for a serious relationship, they take them to meet their friends and family. If you always are by his side at family get togethers or outing, then it’s going to look like you are interested in him romantically, and that’s when things get messy.

10. Don’t text him every night.

Stop texting him every second of the day and stop texting him your every thought. This goes back to giving him mixed signals. He doesn’t need to know about your dream last night or that you thought about him when you were driving to work. When someone is texting you all the time, it’s because they are into you. Stop the constant communication because you’re making it look as though you’re into him romantically.

Don’t feel bad about friend zoning a guy; after all, you can’t force love. Our Philadelphia dating service is here to help meet the right guy for a romantic relationship. Fill out the private survey at the top of the page to arrange your FREE matchmaking consultation and start meeting attractive, single men in Philly today!

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