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Are you dating a man and unsure whether or not he’s worthy of your trust? It’s a big concern when starting to date someone new; after all, trust is one of the most essential elements to a successful relationship. Without trust, it’s hard to build a foundation for the future of the relationship. In other words, without trust, there will be no relationship.

However, although trust is a key ingredient in a healthy relationship, it can be hard to find a man worthy of your trust. Trustworthiness is a sign of maturity, but unfortunately, a lot of men in today’s dating scene don’t have it. But don’t despair because there are some men out there who are trustworthy and mature, men who are relationship-material—keepers!

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How Can You Trust the Man You’re Dating?

Before you give your trust to him, you need to find out if he really passes the test and is worthy of your trust. Today, our Philadelphia matchmakers will show you ten telltale signs to know he is worthy of your trust.

1. He’s willing to communicate with you.

A trustworthy man will never turn his back on you when you’re trying to communicate because he has nothing to hide. Men who cannot be trusted hide because they’re afraid. They know that if you constantly ask them questions, you’re going to find something there, a big fat lie. On the other hand, if your man is always open and honest, then that’s a good sign.

2. He looks straight into your eyes.

Not being able to look at you in the eyes is a sign of shadiness. But if he’s able to look at you in the eyes, you’re on the right path. A trustworthy man can look you in the eyes because he has nothing to hide. The eyes have a funny way of revealing the truth, so if you notice he always looks in your eyes and never shies away, then he has nothing to hide and is worthy of your trust.

3. He lets his guard down with you.

Trust should be a mutual thing in a relationship. If he is able to let his guard down around you, and willing to let you get to know him on a deeper level, not only does that show maturity, but it’s also a sign of mutual trust.

4. He doesn’t flirt with others.

Flirting with other women is a sign he is not ready to be settled in a relationship. It doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a cheater; however, it could mean that he is not fully invested in this relationship. If your man never flirts with other women, it shows he’s trustworthy.

5. He is interested in your life.

This one is a good one because if he shows interest in your life and means he is devoted to you and the relationship. He has invested himself emotionally to you and doesn’t want to do anything that can hurt you.

6. He is okay being around your friends and family.

A lot of times, friends and family are the best detectives and pick up on things you might not notice on your own. They are able to read your boyfriend and figure out if he is shady or has characteristics that are not going to be good for you.

If your family members tell you that your boyfriend is wonderful, someone you can trust, then you should listen to them. After all, they do have your best interest at heart.

7. He doesn’t mind if you grab his phone.

Picking up your man’s phone is a great way of knowing if he’s trustworthy or not. If he lets you grab his phone and does not mind you getting on it, then you know he has nothing to hide. However, if he starts acting weird or becomes defensive if you reach for his phone, then there is obviously something he’s hiding. Why would you date a man who is obviously hiding something from you?

8. He is calm.

A man who seems to have everything under control is someone who is secure. If he’s confident and secure, it’s because he’s not hiding anything from you. As our Philadelphia matchmakers mentioned above, if someone is acting shady or is a little paranoid, then you know you can’t trust them. But if your man is as cool as a cucumber, you know he has nothing to hide and his conscious is free.

9. You feel comfortable around him.

This is perhaps the most important sign your boyfriend is trustworthy. The longer you date him, the more comfortable you should feel around him. This is sort of like a sixth sense you have. If you haven’t reached that level, or you feel like a little uptight around him, then you know there is something not quite right.

10. Your friends love him.

Your friends want to see you be happy in a relationship, so of course they are going to judge your boyfriend and try to pick flaws in everything he does. You can use their opinion to gauge whether he is trustworthy or not. It’s not a perfect system, but it does lay the groundwork.

Giving your man your trust can be a scary thing. It’s tough to give your trust to someone because you could end up getting hurt.

And the more trust you give him, the more it will hurt if you get your heart broken. This is why our Philadelphia matchmakers want you to ensure you can trust him before devoting yourself 100% to him the relationship. Unfortunately, there no radar or other detection device to figure out if a man is trustworthy or not. But let’s hope that with our helpful tips, you can at least gauge his trustworthiness somewhat.

The more of the above tactics you put into play, the more likely you’ll be able to figure out whether your boyfriend is trustworthy or not. And the more practice you get, the easier it will be to read people. You might not need a radar or detector after all, you might become an expert at reading men all on your own.

If you’re not meeting trustworthy men on your own, contact our Philadelphia matchmakers and let us do the hard work of scouting and vetting for you.












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