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You’ve just realized that your Prince Charming isn’t so charming after all, and no matter how many times you beg him to change some of his bad habits, you merely get ignored. Ugh, how frustrating!

Unfortunately, as dating and relationship experts with over 30 years of experience in the Philadelphia dating scene, we know that no amount of begging or nagging is going to get him to change and become the Prince Charming that you long for.

Today, our Philadelphia matchmakers will reveal simple and effective tips to get him to change.

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1. The Reward Method

Sometimes getting your guy to change is similar to training a puppy. Using the reward method will ensure you get more of what you want and less of what you don’t. When your puppy does a trick, you give him a treat, right? Well, you can do the same with your boyfriend. Just make sure the treat is in the form of something you know he loves, such as a burger or a full body massage. When he goes out of his way to do something you’ve been begging him to do for a while, rewarding him will encourage him to continue to do things that make you happy. Easy peasy.

2. Become His Teammate

No one likes to be told what to do and when to do it, so if you’re giving him orders like a coach, it can lead to a lot of resentment. That’s why it’s best to treat your relationship like a partnership and make sure he knows that you’re both on the same team. Avoid nagging him, and instead tackle your requests with a little bit of teamwork. If you want him to help out around the house more, suggest you both clean up your house together. You can turn it into a fun, weekly tradition. If he knows that you’re with him and not against him, he might be more inclined to meet your demands. When you walk in the door from work, don’t jump down his throat about all the things he didn’t get done around the house this week.

3. Go Silent

We’re not suggesting you go cold and start ignoring him altogether but limit your verbal communication so that he’ll know something is up. Guys respond more when you pull away and withhold something from them. Bring your conversation to a screeching halt and he’ll surely ask you what’s wrong. That’ll be your cue to respectfully bring up what he’s doing wrong and what he needs to change to make you happy. He’ll be more willing to listen because he’ll be so happy that you’re finally speaking to him again.

Word of warning: don’t overdo it with this one, though. If you do it all the time and give him the silent treatment, it’s going to make you look immature and make him feel resentful of you.

4. Offer Him Solid Advice

Getting a guy to change his bad habits is all about tweaking your approach. Let’s say you want him to take his job more seriously so he can start climbing up the career ladder. Instead of putting him down and calling him lazy, send him career-focused articles from his line of work or buy him self-help books that will inspire him to be successful.

As every woman knows, getting a guy to change his ways isn’t an easy feat. In fact, if you push too hard, you will completely push him away and lose your relationship. Encouragement and positive reinforcement are the way to go here.

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