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Every person in the world is going to be unique. We all have different personalities and unique traits that make us special and different from everyone else. We are all going to have different needs, tendencies, expectations, and learnings. We aren’t always going to be the same, and that’s okay. That’s what makes life beautiful. That’s the beauty of opening ourselves up to new people. We get to experience different personalities and perspectives that can help us learn and grow.

However, there is also a risk that comes with that. When we open ourselves up to getting into a relationship, we risk opening ourselves to getting our hurts broken. However, if you are able to spot the red flags of a toxic partner, you can skip over dating them altogether and save yourself the time and heartache.

Today, our Philadelphia matchmakers are going to show you the red flags of a toxic partner so you can skip over them when you spot them.

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1. They expect you to put all the effort in the relationship.

They are extremely lazy when it comes to relationships. They are always going to look at you to do all the heavy lifting for the relationship. They will want to reap all the benefits of the relationship without doing any work themselves.

2. They are mean to people.

Remember that if someone is only ever nice to the people they can benefit from, they’re really not that nice. When you are truly a nice person, you are nice to everyone, regardless whether you’re benefitting from it or not. If you really want to figure out if someone is nice or not, watch how they treat servers, taxi drivers, and cashiers.

3. They like to show off a lot.

Toxic people are very showy and arrogant when it comes to who they are and what they have. But this only proves one thing: they are very insecure. They look to the attention and validation from others in order to feel good about themselves.

4. They look for drama.

They are always looking to shake things up even if things are going great. They hate it whenever there is a lack of drama in their lives and will do whatever they can to bring drama to the relationship. They get bored easily and resort to destructive ways to beat the boredom.

5. They don’t make plans for their lives.

They are always wayward and sporadic. They don’t really put any effort into their lives, which means they don’t make future life plans or have any goals. If they don’t care to set goals in their life, they’re not going to be supportive of yours.

6. They have addictions.

Addictions are often a sign of a toxic person. And when you are dealing with someone who is dealing with an addition, they clearly need help but not from you.

7. They criticize you all the time.

They always find a way to make you feel bad about yourself. They will try to demean you and belittle you whenever they can. They will criticize you and bring you down so they feel better about themselves. A partner who tears you down is one of the worst kinds of partner to have in your life.

We hope that these seven simple ways to spot a toxic partner will help you avoid them in your dating life.

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