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Did the long Pennsylvania winter leave you feeling lonely?  You’re not alone, many singles in Philadelphia feel lonely, just like you.  Whether you’re feel a little down from being cooped up all winter or lonely because you’re single and don’t have a partner to spend life with, our Philadelphia matchmakers have some cures you’ll want to use this spring.  It’s time to snap out of it and put your loneliness behind you.

How to Overcome Your Loneliness When It Hits Hard

Loneliness affects people in different ways, and there are many reasons you could be feeling lonely.  But now that spring is here, it’s time to get out and get moving and kick your loneliness to the curb.  Today, our Philadelphia matchmakers will show you some of the best cures to overcome your loneliness and be happy with yourself.

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1. Have a Get Together

Having a get together forces you to communicate with people you don’t normally see on a daily basis.  It also encourages you to talk and get to know new people.

2. Join a Gym

Exercise is the best medicine for depression—it literally melts it away.  Working out at a local gym is also a great way of meeting new people and expanding your social circle.  And with summer right around the corner, what better time to get started on that sexy summer bod?

3. Go for a Walk

Walking around your neighborhood or local park will give the chance to breathe in fresh air and see new faces.  Friendly faces will give you a better sense of community and help you feel good from the inside out.

4. Adopt a Pet

Did you always want to get a pet?  If you can, now is the perfect time to do it.  A furry little friend is exactly what you need to show you unconditional love and help you feel less lonely all around.  They might not be able to give you advice, but they’ll surely be there to love you after a long day at work.

5. Talk to a Stranger

Make a vow to talk to a stranger every day, even if it’s just the random person next to you in the elevator.  Our Philadelphia matchmakers know smiling and striking up conversation with new people will help you feel less lonely, all while improving your communication skills for dating.

6. Catch Up with Old Friends

You might not be the only one feeling lonely; after all, there are people in your life could also be feeling the same as you.  Our Philadelphia matchmakers want you to send messages to your old friends so you never lose touch.  Don’t be afraid to reach out and let someone know you’re thinking about them.

7. Do a Yoga Class

Yoga is a great way of connecting with your soul and a great way of meeting new people.  It will help you meditate and get in touch with your body and soul and having you feeling better from the inside out in no time.

8. Plan a Night Out with Friends

Want to beat your loneliness this week?  Why not try a guys’ or girls’ night out?  Our Philadelphia matchmakers know there is no better way to beat loneliness than hanging out with those you love.  You will be surprised how many of your friends are looking to get out of their daily grind.

9. Watch Movies

Going to the movies alone might not sound like the best idea, but it can be pretty fun.  Being all on your own forces you to get to know yourself better.  Finding pleasure in doing things on your own is a good thing and will help you attract a quality partner.

10. Volunteer

Want to beat your loneliness right away?  Then our Philadelphia matchmakers want you to volunteer at a nonprofit organization.  Go to a nursing home, an animal shelter, or a soup kitchen and you will see just how lucky you really are.

11. Go for a Hike

Being surrounded by the beautiful Mother Nature is exactly what you need to beat your loneliness. A hike is a great way to exercise and clear your head; plus, it helps you connect with the world around you.

12. Cancel Facebook

Most social media sites are an easy way to connect with friends and family.  But for many people, these sites can be toxic.  With everyone looking so happy and in your face all the time, it can make you feel like you’re missing out on something.  After all, no one puts a picture of themselves in a room all alone feeling gloomy, right?  Get off of Facebook for a while and connect with people in real life instead of social media.

13. Join a Class

If you like cooking, painting, sculpting, or anything else, check out the local community college and see what classes they have to offer.  You will meet like-minded people there while keeping busy.  If this is your passion, this is exactly what you need to do, as it will make your life more fulfilling.

14. Start a Journal

There are some days when you’re going to feel lonelier than others, and this is when a journal comes into play.  If you start writing your thoughts out on paper, you’ll quickly realize what makes you feel lonely and how you can change it.

15. Don’t Take Your Food Home

Instead of picking your food up to take home and eat alone, we want you to eat it right there are the restaurant.  Being amongst other people is going to make you feel less lonely, so have a seat and finish it there.  Plus, you never know who is nearby.

16. Don’t Head Home After Work

Instead of rushing out of work to go home and feel lonely in your room, make plans each week.  Each week, try to do something different, whether it is going for a run, visiting a friend, or just going to the mall.  The idea is to throw different things into your life so you don’t feel so lonely every day after work.

17. Hire a Professional Matchmaker in Philly

Feeling lonely because you can’t find a partner to share life with?  Our professional matchmakers here at Philadelphia Singles are eager to help you find your special someone.  You don’t have to feel lonely one more day… It’s time to take matters into you own hands now.

Feeling lonely doesn’t have to be a permanent thing.  Pass us the torch and let our Philadelphia matchmakers help you find true love!

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