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Are you having a hard time deciding if you should date someone who is older than you? Today, our Philadelphia matchmakers here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service will teach you everything you need to know to make it a success.

You may find yourself attracted to or hitting it off with someone older than you. So what do you do when this happens? Do you start dating them or do you let the opportunity go by and stick to dating someone from your own age group?

Some people will say it’s not a good idea because dating someone older brings many problems. Others will tell you it’s fine because both partners can learn a lot from each other. If you choose to give things a go, our Philadelphia matchmakers have some helpful dating advice for you to make it a success.

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How to Date Someone Who Is Older than You

If you have no idea how to make an age-gap relationship work, our dating experts here at Philadelphia Singles have some excellent dating tips for you.

1. Look for Commonalities

If there is a huge age gap between you and your partner, you might find you don’t have a lot in common with them, unlike when dating someone from your own age group.

For example, if you are thirty, you might find yourself always connected to social media, but if you’re dating someone who is in their forties, they might not be into social media. Likewise, someone in their forties might be very into reading whereas you are not.

However, if you can find something both of you like, it will help the relationship. Maybe you like to do the same hobbies (running, biking, or hiking), so we encourage you to talk about those things and do them together. At least you have something you both have in common, which can allow you to grow together.

2. Be Humorous about It

If you and your partner can get a good chuckle from time to time, it will keep things light and carefree. Joke about gray hairs or about how you were in high school when your partner was already getting a big promotion at work. Having a positive and carefree attitude will help an age-gap relationship to be successful.

Perhaps both of you should try to see the relationship as an experiment or adventure together and try not to take it too seriously. Then, if the relationship is going well and you’re building a good foundation, then you know you are both meant to be. Love can move mountains, so don’t think that a little age-gap is going to be competition for your love.

3. Steer Clear of Judgmental People

You need to cut off anyone who is going to judge you; after all, dating someone who is older than you is already uncomfortable enough. If you are constantly surrounded by negative people who are judging you, it’s going to bring you down with them. Your main job is to steer clear of them.

You should avoid negative people in general. Remember that age is just a number, and just because your partner is older than you doesn’t mean you’re both not compatible for one another. You should not let people who only talk about the age difference in your relationship affect you.

4. Get Inspiration from Famous Couples

Hollywood can provide us with good examples of major age gaps in relationships. There are many Hollywood actors who have made their age-gap relationships work. Some of the relationships ended up in breakups and divorces, of course, but many of them work out. Knowing there are a lot of couples out there with major age gaps can help you see that your relationship can also work out.

5. Use Your Strength

The funny thing about couples with huge age gaps is that each partner brings a unique skill to the relationship, which can make the relationship work better. For example, the partner who is older will bring wisdom, maturity, and financial knowledge to the relationship. As for the younger partner, they will bring energy, youthfulness, and excitement, which our Philadelphia matchmakers know will bring life to the relationship.

All these things are beneficial; after all, the thing about relationships is that partners can learn from each other.

6. The Uncertainty Can Be Fun

Age-gap relationships can be a risk, but then again, dating in general is a risk. Our Philadelphia matchmakers want you to have fun in the process and enjoy the ride. The more time you spend with this person, the more you’ll be able to tell if they are the right person for you. You just never know who you’re going to fall for; after all, it could be someone younger than you, the same age as you, or someone ten years older than you. When it comes to dating, you don’t want to miss out on a good relationship simply because someone is older than you.

7. Maturity Is Important

The most important part of dating someone who is older than you is being able to meet in the middle when it comes to maturity. If you find that you and your partner are able to relate to each other well because both of you are mature, then the age gap in your relationship shouldn’t give you any problems.

Let the people who hate, hate. When you know deep inside that you love the person you’re dating, despite how old they are, their remarks and comments should not affect you.

Dating someone who is older than you can have many benefits. People who are older than you might not be able to offer you the same exact things someone your age might; however, they can teach you many different things about life, provide you with their wisdom, knowledge, and maturity, while you can provide them with your youthful energy and excitement. As you can tell, age is what you make it. If you love your partner, you will love them regardless of the age gap between you.

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