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With spring in the air, it’s time to start planning a fun vacation spot for summer.  Vacations are more than just a time to spend relaxing and having fun.  Here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service, we know they’re a fantastic way for couples to connect and bond.  And this is especially true for couples who work long hours and rarely see each other.  There is no better way to spend quality time as a couple than by going on an exciting vacation together.  In this dating blog, our Philadelphia matchmakers will uncover out of the box vacation ideas for Philly couples to strengthen their bond this spring and summer.

Why do couples need to vacation together?

Going on a trip together isn’t necessary when you’re just dating and not truly comfortable just yet.  However, when you’ve been together for a long time, an exciting vacation can be exactly what you need to bring your relationship back to life.

Many couples don’t realize the importance of vacationing together, but it’s one of the best things people can do for their relationships.  Most people today work long hours and devote less time to their relationships.  Does this ring a bell?  If so, our Philadelphia matchmakers want you to start planning a vacation as a couple, even if it’s just a day trip or weekend getaway.

When you and your partner vacation together, you’ll experience many things and learn about the new places you go.  Apart from that, you’ll learn more about one another.  If your relationship has been on the backburner for a while and you’re looking to bring it back to the front, then follow this expert advice from our Philadelphia matchmakers.  Breaking free from your everyday routines and monotony will bring the fun and excitement back and help you create long lasting memories together.

vacation tips for couples

Vacations That Work Magic for Relationships

If you and your partner are planning on taking a trip soon, our Philadelphia matchmakers have some great ideas you want to keep in mind this summer.

1. Go on a hiking expedition.

The great outdoors, the sun, and the fresh air are all you need.  And this one doesn’t require any waiting, because you can plan this one for the upcoming weekend.

With spring in the air, there is no better time to go on a hiking expedition.  If you and your partner are the outdoorsy type, this simple vacation is exactly what you need.  You and your partner can spend as much time as you need away from everyday life.  The thrill of walking up the mountain and taking in Mother Nature could be everything you need to break away from everyday routines of work and your relationship.  Get out of the city this weekend and enjoy a hiking day for two.

2. Travel to an exotic country.

Are you and your partner travel nuts?  Then an exotic country is a fabulous vacation destination for you.   Brazil, Italy, or France are just a few that come to mind.  There is nothing better than exploring a whole new country and culture with your loved one by your side.  The challenges of not knowing the language and experiencing a different culture and lifestyle will allow you and your partner to bond like never before.

3. A Beach Trip

Atlantic City, OCMD, and the Jersey Shore, we’re sure this sounds boring, right?  After all, with Philly being so close to the beaches, you might do this one all the time.  If you’ve already done the beach trips a million times, then why not spice it up a bit and head somewhere different this summer?  Did someone say Miami?  You and your partner can spend the whole day in a cabana sipping on pina coladas or margaritas.  Not only will you have a magnificent view of the ocean, but the beach itself provides you and your loved one with an array of activities.  Sun, surf, sand… you simply can’t go wrong!

4. A Cross-Country Road Trip

Why in the world would I want to be trapped in a car with my partner that long?  Give us a second to explain.  It’s romantic and it works.  You can enjoy talking, laughing, and taking in different sights with your partner.  As the trip unfolds you can stop at different locations and explore different spots together.  Plus, the achievement of finally arriving to the destination will give you a sense of teamwork.  Just make sure the destination you choose is something that excites both of you.

5. Ghost-Hunting Adventure

No, we’re not referring to a ghost-hunting expedition all of your own.  This is more of a tourist expedition where it’s safe to check out some haunted grounds.  There are many places to go, even right here in Philly.  Many old castles and prisons that are said to be haunted have been turned into very popular tourist attractions.  This type of trip will be an experience unlike any other, and it will provide you a thrill that simply cannot be explained.  This is a favorite on the bucket lists of many, and it should be on your couple’s bucket list too.  The best part about it is that there are places you can check out right here in Philadelphia.  If you’re up to it, check out Al Capone’s prison cell at the Eastern State Penitentiary.

6. Go Skydiving

Are you and your partner both adrenaline junkies?  Are you always looking for the next rush?  Then this adventure is what your relationship needs.  This is the epitome of thrills and you won’t experience anything better than this.  Skydiving can bring you and your partner together on a different level.  And it’s certainly an experience you’ll share for many years.

7. Volunteer Abroad

Are you and your partner the giving type?  Are you always looking to do something noble and good?  Then volunteering abroad could be what your relationship needs.  The feeling of giving something to those in need doesn’t have a price.  Our Philadelphia matchmakers want you to know there are many organizations that are always in need of a helping hand abroad and locally.  Not only will you help those in need but you’ll help your relationship grow stronger in the process.

8. Camping Trip

Do you and your partner enjoy being in the outdoors?  Then a camping trip away from the bright lights of the city can work wonders for you.  You and your partner will get to be away from the distractions of technology, which means you’ll enjoy each other’s company.  The quiet environment and the change of pace is refreshing, especially if the two of you are workaholics who live in the bustling city.  With this type of setting, our matchmaking and dating experts know you’ll grow closer and reconnect in no time.

Have you picked a vacation yet?  Our Philadelphia matchmakers want you to try out our suggestions this summer and let us know how it goes.  If you’re single in Philly and looking for a partner, contact us today to see how we can help you.

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