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There are certain things inside a man’s mind that you and many other women in Philly wish you knew. Today, our Philadelphia professional matchmaking service will show you the deepest secrets men keep.

At times, trying to understand men can seem like the impossible task, almost like reading a book in a different language. After all, men and women are very different. However, getting a better understanding of men can help you learn more things about them and their personalities.

This is great when it comes to dating because the more you understand men, the more compatible of a partner you can find for yourself. Understanding men and the secrets they keep can help you communicate and fix problems in your relationship. Without so many problems between you and your man, the two of you will have a healthy relationship.

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The Secrets Men Keep

Despite the fact that men portray themselves to be big and bold, there are many secrets they keep from women. Today, our Philadelphia professional matchmaking service will release them for you.

1. Men Enjoy Cuddling

Although there is a high probability that your man won’t cuddle as much as you like to, many men love to cuddle their woman. It can be difficult for them to admit it because cuddling is something women do, but believe us, many men enjoy it.

Cuddling is something men want to do to connect on a physical level that is not sexual. It’s a chance for him to get close to you without the actual act of sex. This is very satisfying for men as well as for women. Sometimes, men just want to connect without doing the deed.

2. Men Don’t Have to Be the Strongest Ones

Men might like being big and tough, going to the gym every day to get as big as possible, or being the top in their favorite sport or hobby, but part of the appeal of having a relationship is having a partner who is going to be there to support them.

Even though men are usually the strongest ones in a relationship, they still feel vulnerable and need emotional support. So if you are dating a man right now, you might want to keep that in mind.

Even if he doesn’t ask you directly, if you can tell he needs something from you, you should give it to him because he secretly values you and the encouragement and support you lend.

3. Men Love Many Things about Women That Women Don’t Know

This is something about men that many women won’t get. Everything from the way you style your hair, the way you write a letter, the way you react to a movie, all the way to the way you fry your eggs, there is a good chance your man appreciates these things. There are many different things about you that your man loves, things you have no clue about.

Men find women to be adorable, even though women are just going on with their everyday life things. This means you need to be gentle and feminine. Men appreciate a feminine woman.

4. Men May Enjoy the Same Shows as You

Whether it’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey, The Kardashians, or Sex in the City, there is a good chance your man might be into the same shows or movies as you.

He will never come out and say it to his male friends, but you might find your man sitting on the couch watching Scott Disick and Kourtney or the latest episode of Broke Girls. Whatever the case might be, if you catch your man watching one of your shows, or at least he is not changing the channel or moaning and groaning while watching, he might be a fan himself. Shhh.

5. Men Hate It When You Are Experiencing Your Time of the Month

Even though they don’t have to go through all the pains, the cramps, the headaches, and the general downtime that comes with your period, men hate to see you go through it, especially since they what they’re in for.

He is forced to go through a week or so where everything he does for you is wrong. He is forced to go through many arguments with you, ones he will never win. He has to buy you unhealthy foods to make you happy. He is to blame for your mood swings. In other words, he becomes a punching bag for you and all your hormonal changes.

6. Men Love to Hear a Compliment from Their Woman

Because men are always acting tough, sometimes a little arrogant and cocky, women are often under the impression they’re not insecure or that they don’t need compliments on their looks.

However, our Philadelphia professional matchmaking service knows the truth is that men love to hear compliments, maybe even more than women do. Telling a man he has the best loafers you’ve ever seen, the nicest hairstyle, or the best smile is going to boost his confidence and self-esteem. So go ahead and throw him an ego boosting compliment once in a while.

7. Men Do a Lot to Impress You

You might not even know it, but if your boyfriend is acting tough at a bar, buying you gifts (even small gestures like bringing you a milkshake after work), or doing things to put up a show, he’s doing it because he wants to impress you.

You might think this is the normal way he behaves, but chances are he’s doing it because he wants to impress you. You may also catch it when you mention something you particularly like and your man tries to jump in and show you everything he knows about that specific topic.

By gaining an understanding of how a man’s mind operates and what drives their behavior, you will mesh better when dating. Hopefully, this helpful insight to a man’s mind will come of great help to you on your future dating and relationship adventures. By knowing how his mind works, you will increase the ability to communicate and connect with him.

If you’re single and looking to meet quality men in Philly, contact our Philadelphia professional matchmaking service today to set up a consultation. Let us help you find the man of your dreams!


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