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Getting married is a huge milestone in life, one of the biggest. It’s the happiest time for everyone involved. Love fills the air… most of the time. However, there are many people out there who tie the knot for the wrong reasons. In many cases, it makes sense at first but quickly leads to divorce.

If you’re getting cold feet before your upcoming day, or you know someone who is about to get married for the wrong reasons, read on as our Philadelphia Singles matchmaking and dating experts show you the worst reasons to get married. Hopefully, you can put a stop to it and prevent a bad outcome (and a lot of heartache and stress) down the road.

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1. You want to live out your dream wedding.

Of course everyone has visualized their dream wedding, from the white dress, tux, wedding venue, and even the cake. However, getting married just because you want to make those dreams come true is not the right reason to tie the knot. Getting married just so you can live out your fantasy wedding will only lead to a divorce.

The reality is, the wedding is only an event and the marriage will be forever. When you’re ready, you can have both, but if you’re not ready, it’s going to lead to a divorce. It’s okay to want that perfect wedding to come true, but you should only proceed when you’re 100% ready to be committed to a marriage for the remainder of your life. Until then, keep the relationship you have and never rush it along.

2. You want to receive nice gifts.

It sounds great that everyone wants to give you expensive presents on your big day, unfortunately fancy gifts aren’t a reason to get married. You’ll spend more money on the wedding than you do receiving gifts; plus, think how unhappy you’ll be when your marriage fails because you didn’t get married for the right reasons.

3. Because you’re lonely.

Here at Philadelphia Singles, we know many people find it hard to be alone, especially as we get older. It might feel like this person is your last chance to solve the loneliness, and that getting married is the solution to your fears; however, getting married to someone just because you’re afraid of being lonely is a recipe for disaster. Settling for less than you deserve means skipping on a great partner down the road. Remember that getting married is a huge milestone, not something to be taken lightly or done for the wrong reasons. And do you really think it’s fair to your partner if you’re not really in love with them?

4. You’re being pressured by your partner.

There is a lot of pressure in a marriage proposal, and it can be hard to tell your partner you’re not ready to take such a huge step in your life. But what’s worse is getting married because you feel pressured. Many people get married because they feel pressured by their partner and feel obligated to take the next step when they’re not really ready.

It is painful to be honest with your partner, but it’s your only choice. It is much easier to let them know now than it will be to get married when you’re not ready for a lifetime commitment.

5. All your friends are married, so you might as well.

It’s great having friends who are married, but there is no reason you need to feel left out because you’re the last one in the group. It is much better to get married later in life than it would be to be the first one to get a divorce. Our Philadelphia Singles matchmakers want you to think long and hard and take your time before jumping into a lifetime commitment. Besides, when you’re the last one getting married out of your group of friends, you’ll get helpful advice from them. And this advice will come in handy for your big day, as well as help you over the lifetime of your marriage.

6. Your ex is getting married.

There is no better feeling than moving on from a failed relationship and showing the world you’re over it and happy. However, getting married because you want to beat your ex to the altar is one of the worst reasons you can get married. Yes, seeing them move on might hurt you a little, but so what? You are happy in a relationship and getting married isn’t a race.

7. Because you have children.

Whether it’s because the biological clock is ticking or you’re already pregnant, getting married because of children is not advisable. You can have a successful relationship without rushing down the aisle. Having children is a huge motivator to take the plunge, but it should never be the only reason.

8. Because of money.

Marrying someone because of their money is one of the worst reasons you can get married. Sure, living a financially stable life is great, but marrying for the sole purpose of money will eventually lead to a divorce. As valuable as money is, it will never beat real love.

9. Your parents want you to get married.

Parents are known for laying out guilt trips, especially when their children are getting older. They might say things like, “When are you tying the knot?” “When are you giving me a grandchild,” or, “You’re running out of time.”

Whatever form of parental guilt you get, believe us that it’s not a good reason to get married. You must understand that getting married is a huge step that should not be taken just because your parents are pressuring you. Giving into this type of pressure will eventually lead to a divorce because you were not ready to get married.

Marriage should be done for the right reasons, not for the ones our Philadelphia Singles dating experts mentioned above. We advise you to take your time and ensure you’re 100% ready for the big day.

Are you not having any luck finding love in Philly? Contact our expert matchmakers and let us help you on your search. Here at Philadelphia Singles, we bring create compatible matches every day. Let us introduce you to marriage-minded singles and help you find the love you deserve!

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