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Here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service, we know it’s frustrating and confusing when your partner ignores you, and we want to help you clear things up.

Are you sitting there wondering why your boyfriend is ignoring you? We know the feeling sucks. It is easy to jump to conclusions and assume he is cheating on you or that he stopped loving you; however, our Philadelphia upscale matchmakers know there’s more to it than that. There are many reasons your boyfriend could be ignoring you.

A lot of explanations of why he’s ignoring you have nothing to do with you at all. So before you go up to him and decide to lash out on him or even break up, take a look at some of the reasons he could be ignoring you.
And remember, it’s good to have communication. If something about your relationship is worrying you, you should tell him so you don’t spend hours and days worrying for nothing.

Today, our Philadelphia upscale matchmakers will review the reasons your boyfriend might be ignoring you.

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1. Something Is on His Mind

Men are not that good when it comes to sharing their emotions, especially when compared to women. This is why when something is bothering them, they will keep it hidden and bottled up for a while. It could be anything from work-related issues, friends, family, and anything in between. Whatever the case might be, or any issue he has, could be what is making him less chatty with you, which is why it seems like he is ignoring you.

If you think there is something going on with your boyfriend, go ahead and ask him. You should be able to work it out together so you can stop worrying for once and for all.

2. It’s Just the Way He Is

Everyone is a little different, which is what makes dating so exciting, but it can also make things confusing. When you first start dating someone, you become very close to them, you become close to someone you barely know.
Maybe you are the open communicator and love to text message all day long, whereas he is more of a face to face type of man who waits until he sees you in person to have a conversation with you.

You might get irritated when he takes hours to respond to your text messages or hate the fact that he never calls you on the phone. In fact, you might even throw a tantrum about the whole situation while he has no idea what he’s doing because that’s just the way he is. Once again, here is where communication comes into play.

3. He Has a Busy Schedule

This might sound like the obvious, but you would be surprised how many women overlook this little fact. Perhaps your boyfriend has become distant with you because his schedule has become too busy. Whether it’s a new schedule at work, a hectic social life (perhaps a college buddy is getting married and it’s taking up more of his time), or problems with his family, everyone has and will go through busy spells.

Now, by no means does this mean he loves you any less or that he has fallen out of love with you. It just means he is busy handling day to day things. For all you know, he might spend all day daydreaming about the time he arrives home to see you, he might just be too busy to tell you. Talk to him and clear things up so you can stop driving yourself nuts.

4. You Made Him Angry

Okay, we’re going to do a little stereotyping about women, but you might even think it’s true yourself. Women are very good at ignoring someone when they’re angry, right? You know it’s true. Men, on the other hand, are more likely to say something when something irritates them. However, not all men are the same, so you need to think about this. If your boyfriend is ignoring you right now, it might be because you did something that irritated him.
Have you put him down lately? Have you been insensitive with him? Or maybe you were the one ignoring him and now he is returning the favor.

5. He Needs Space to Breathe

Remember how earlier we mentioned that all men are different? Well, this tip goes with that. Let’s use the example of how you love text messaging him all day long while he enjoys face to face interactions when he sees you. If you don’t talk to him about this problem and keep on sending him text messages, calling his phone, and asking him why he has not responded to you, then go on and post things on his Facebook wall, then your boyfriend is going to feel like you’re drowning him, which is why he seeks out space.

Again, this doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you; it means he needs some time to be by himself. He also needs time to start missing you so he looks forward to seeing you after work. Back off and give him some breathing room while you tend to your own life,hobbies, friends, and family. Our Philadelphia upscale matchmakers know this one of the secrets to happy and healthy relationships.

6. There Is another Woman

Okay, so now we’re getting into the not-so-fun territory, which is probably what you did not want to hear. Although there are many innocent reasons why your boyfriend might be ignoring you, there are also bad reasons he could be ignoring you.

You already knew that too. Maybe there is a hot secretary that just caught his eye, maybe the hot blonde who serves him breakfast just piqued his interest. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean he’s cheated on you yet, so don’t fret. It could just mean that he has a crush one someone, a crush that should hopefully soon pass, but it’s something to keep in mind.

7. The Relationship Is Over

The last and final reason why your boyfriend might be ignoring you is because the relationship has come to an end. Hopefully, if your man has decided to part ways, he’ll have the guts to tell you to your face instead of just ignoring you until you get the hint. Also, he might be trying to let things cool down a little so you don’t fly off the handle.

It is important to keep in mind that although there are bad reasons why your boyfriend could be ignoring you, there are also innocent ones. We don’t want you to jump to conclusions. Our professional matchmakers encourage you to clear the air and have a talk with your man; after all, communication is key in any relationship.


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