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Flirting with a man you like is the easiest way to get him to notice you. However, here at Philadelphia Singles, our professional matchmakers know it’s not always easy and doesn’t come naturally to everyone, especially shy women. But don’t fret, our upscale matchmaking team is here to help you out.

Flirting requires skills, practice, and a lot of confidence. Of course it also requires common sense. When you are around the person you like, it might be hard to think straight, but that’s no excuse to behave badly or try weird flirting techniques that could scare him away. Our Philadelphia upscale matchmaking service wants you to stick to traditional moves because it will ensure a better, more successful experience for you. In your attempts to be successful with the attractive man who has your eye, our professional matchmakers want you to steer clear and avoid these 10 horrible flirting techniques.

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1. Doing Some Stalking

If the guy you like has a social media account, it’s super easy to find out everything about him. His Facebook will tell you what he’s into in his spare time, his Instagram will tell you what type of food he likes, and his Twitter account will tell you what kind of humor and morals he has. With social media, you can figure out just about everything he’s doing during the day. And as eager as you are to find out everything about him, we want you to be patient and take time to learn it from him directly.

It’s not fun or flirty to learn everything about him via social media, it can actually be kind of creepy.

2. Asking His Friends

The guy who has your eye might love shy women. He could find your shyness endearing and adorable. So even if you’re fidgeting and blushing when you start a conversation with him, you should not be embarrassed about it.

However, if you go for the easy way out and try to gain information via his friends, he may think you’re nosy or immature. You have the ability to go up to him on your own and get to know him, so don’t rely on his friends.

3. Admiring Him from Far Away

Sometimes it can be dangerous to be traditional. If you think that making the first move should be his job, then our Philadelphia upscale matchmaking service knows you could miss out on a lot of chances with great men.

You cannot stare at a man from across a room for too long in hopes of him making a move. Even if you do happen to lock eyes, it doesn’t mean he’s going to approach. Stop waiting for him to read your mind; it’s time for you to make the move yourself.

4. Playing Hard to Get

It’s true, you don’t want to appear too easy in his eyes. If the man you like asks you out, you shouldn’t tell him you’re free for the next week so he can have you any day he chooses. However, it’s not a good idea to play hard to get either. If you act like you have many options at your disposal, then he is going to leave you in the dust. He is not going to keep on trying if you act like you’re not interested in him.

5. Relying Solely on Social Media

He’s not going to realize you’re into him if the only sign you’re giving him is a Facebook like on his pictures. However, if you like all his pictures, then he’s going to get freaked out by you. In other words, social media is not going to help you out in the dating world.

Our Philadelphia upscale matchmaking service recommends you flirt in person instead of relying on the internet.

6. Cheesy Pickup Lines

If you use an occasional pickup line it might work here and there, especially if the man you tell it to has a good sense of humor; however, most of the time, it’s not going to work. That silly pickup line you heard on the TV or radio is meant to make you laugh, not to make you successful at landing great men.

7. Hooting & Hollering

This actually applies to males more than females, but it’s still one of the worst ways you can flirt with anyone. Who would actually accept a date with someone who has yelled something at them from across the street? It’s childish and should never be done as a mature and classy woman.

8. Acting like a Bully

You’re no longer a kid on the playground. You can’t pull that guy’s hair or make fun of him to get his attention. Sure, a little teasing can go a long way in the dating world; however, if you say mean things that hurt his feelings, he’s not going to give you another look.

9. Making Him Jealous

Don’t ever try getting a man’s attention by trying to make him jealous. Dancing with another man at a club or hitting on another guy right in front of his eyes is not going to win him over. All you’re doing here is telling him you’re immature or easy and pushing him further away.

10. Sexily Eating

You have probably seen this in Hollywood movies, but if you do it in person, it’s going to make you look crazy. Trying to suck on a lollipop in a sexy way isn’t going to win him over. Okay, so you might get his attention but not in the right way.

Our Philadelphia upscale matchmaking service knows that flirting is not that difficult, especially when you find a man you really click with. As long as you avoid using the 10 techniques our matchmakers listed above, you should be fine with your flirting game. All you need to do is be patient and persistent.

Have you ever tried a flirting technique that failed miserably? Have you ever tried something that was awkward but perhaps turned into a funny story you now share with your friends? Our professional matchmakers would love nothing more than to hear about it on our Facebook wall.

If you’re ready to meet quality men in Philly, contact our matchmaking experts and let us introduce you to successful singles who are also serious about dating!

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