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Marriages are said to be arranged in heaven. It’s wedding season, and we know some people are feeling lonely and sad, and perhaps even mad at the world because their perfect partner is nowhere to be found.

We all fall in love once or twice, and for some it’s about 5 times before they start fearing and hating dating.

You fall in love, have a fluttery feeling in your heart, and you spend hours every day talking to that certain someone. You think to yourself, “Wow, this is the one! She gets me.” It’s all love and romance and then one day you get a wedding invite to her and Josh’s wedding. And then you think to yourself – this is impossible. You think it’s a mistake, but it turns out that your girl is getting married to her childhood boyfriend.

But let’s be real here, you might not even get an invite.

Whatever problem it happens to be, it basically leads to the end of your happiness. You’re no longer on cloud nine, and you run around hating everything about love and dating, especially weddings.

So how can you avoid this? Firstly, drop the unrealistic expectations about the perfect woman. That’s not happening. Women are humans and have flaws, just as you do.

Today, our Philly matchmakers here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service are going to show you the top qualities that make her wife material. When you come across a woman who fits these criteria, you’ll know not to let her go.

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1. She’s beautiful on the inside.

Physical appearances are very important. We can’t dismiss that the outer appearance has no role in finding a wife. To have a successful relationship, you need to find a partner that you are physically attracted to.

The physical aspect is very important to the relationship. This does not mean you go around trying to find a super model to be your wife. However, it means you need to find someone who has good hygiene, can take her of her body and herself and is physically attractive. Yes, she needs to be pretty in your eyes, but she always needs to be beautiful on the inside, as well. Remember that inner beauty is as important as outer beauty.

2. She supports you.

If a woman is willing to sacrifice her comfort so you can pursue your goals and dreams, marry her. She clearly loves you. Behind every successful man is a woman, so don’t marry one who doesn’t support your goals and dreams. You have goals and she should recognize them and encourage you to pursue them. If she’s your number one cheerleader, she’s the right woman for you.

3. She loves the people you love.

If she’s willing to care for and spend time with the people you love, it means she holds them in high regards. Out of respect for you, she respects the people close to you. So if your woman is great with your siblings and your business partners and gets along well with your friends, she is wife material. If she not only gets along but enjoys spending time with your friends and family, she’s wife material.

4. She is your best friend.

If you can share all your worries with her, fully trusting her and her opinion, chances are she’s meant to be your wife. She knows all your deepest secrets, and all your insecurities that you try to hide from the world but not from her.

That’s the woman you want as your wife. A woman who knows your likes, dislikes, what you love and what you stay away from. She’s someone who knows your family, someone who knows your most embarrassing secrets. She’s your best friend.

So tell us, did you find your future wife, or are you still searching for Mrs. Right?

If you’re ready to meet your future Mrs., contact our Philly matchmakers today and let us help you find true love. Let us introduce you to marriage-minded single women in Philadelphia who are compatible with you.

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