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It’s understandable that you don’t aspire to be single, and you probably wish you could change your relationship status all the time.  Life is supposed to be shared, and when you don’t have a partner by your side, it can feel lonely and disheartening.  As the leading Philly matchmakers, we understand how lonely and frustrating it can be to be single in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love.  There is, however, a plus side to being single, which is the freedom being single provides you.

Yes, there will be many challenges along the way, and you won’t have a Valentine on Valentine’s Day.  But being single doesn’t mean you have to suffer.  When you do it right, it will be the most fulfilling experience in life.  So get ready as our Philly matchmakers here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service teach you how to enjoy being single in Philadelphia.

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1. Take on a New Project

Everyone can benefit from taking on a new project.  From starting a new blog to doing renovations around your home, do yourself a favor and start a new project.  You won’t believe how much you enjoy starting a new project and the joy it brings to your life.  It might sound cheesy, and you might be laughing right now, but once you get started, you’ll wish you would have started it sooner.

Starting a new project will help improve your mood and beat those single day blues.  Why?  Because you’re investing your time in something positive rather than sulking and thinking about why you’re still single and unable to find love.

2. Date Without Care

Just because you don’t have a partner doesn’t mean you have to stop trying.  You shouldn’t.  As the leading Philly matchmakers, we encourage you to go on more dates, more than you want to.  After all, the only way you’re ever going to find love is by dating, even if a few of those dates totally suck or are just plain boring.

Just like anything in life, practice does make perfect in dating.  Soon, all the practice you get will land you the partner of your dreams.  Go ahead and date without a care in the world.  Try to get to know people and give them the respect they deserve, but don’t get upset if things don’t work out.  Pick yourself up and keep on trying because love is possible.

3. Stay Upbeat & Optimistic

Attitude is pretty much everything when it comes to dating and finding love.  You can let your single days get the best of you, be miserable, and lock yourself up at home, or you can change your attitude, be happy, and make the most of it.  It’s all about your approach and mindset, so make sure it’s positive.

If you are depressed that you can’t find a partner, your attitude is going to get the best of you and cause you to feel miserable.  But if you approach life in calmly and make efforts to stay positive and optimistic, then your life will transform for the better.  Of course we know there are going to be days when you feel down and have a legitimate excuse to be upset because life isn’t perfect, but for the most part you’ll enjoy your single days to the fullest if you can put a smile on your face and see the sunny side of life.

4. Use Your Freedom to the Fullest

When you’re in a relationship, you must make decisions together, like what to eat for dinner, what to do each weekend, and many other decisions that require a bit of compromising.  Compromising is key to a happy and healthy relationship.  However, when you’re alone, you don’t have to compromise for anyone.  Now that you’re single, it’s time to enjoy your freedom to the fullest.

Take this time to see that movie you’ve been dying to see, read more books, and get out in Philly and socialize more.  Don’t be one of those people who doesn’t see a point in cooking for just one person or who refuses to go out to eat or to the movies because they don’t have a partner.  The single you is just as important as when you are taken and in a relationship.  Now you have the perfect time to spend dating yourself and doing the things you enjoy.

5. Spend More Time with Friends

When you meet a new partner, it’s only natural to fall into hibernation mode with them.  You want to spend as much time as you can together.  In fact, you probably wish you had more hours every day to be with them.  It’s normal to neglect your friends when you’re in a relationship.  But now that you’re single, you can use your free time to reconnect and secure the bond with your friends.

Be understanding that your friends and family aren’t going to rearrange their schedule just because you became single and are now available to spend time with them.  It’s also very important not to go backwards when you do find a relationship and neglect your friends again.  You should always value their friendship whether you’re single or in a relationship.

6. Be Active

Friday through Sunday are purely the domain of couples, right?  So when you’re single, it’s only natural to feel lonely on the weekends.  So how do you beat that loneliness?  By having a plan.  Treat yourself to a once a week date night, start a new hobby, set aside a day to cook a delicious meal for yourself or head out to the movies.  Look, just because you’re single doesn’t mean your life has to stop.  If you’re alone and staying active, you’ll be more appealing to a potential partner, especially if they lead a busy lifestyle, as well.  It will also help you develop a routine that prevents you from getting lonely.

See, being single in Philadelphia doesn’t have to be lonely or boring.  As you can tell, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of the freedom of doing what you enjoy and spending time with those you love.

If you’re single and ready to meet someone special, fill out the private form at the top of this page to reserve your FREE 90 minute matchmaking consultation with our Philly matchmakers today.  Let our expert matchmakers here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service give you the guidance and support you need along your dating journey, while we search and screen matches for you!

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