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You two were perfect for each other.  You envision spending the rest of your life with him.  You enjoy every second of the time you spend together.  But over the last few weeks, things have been changing.  He has become a little distant, stopped including you in his plans, and let out a side of him you never knew before.  What is going on here?

He has cut you off emotionally and made you feel like something is wrong.  Why is he acting this way?  Something inside of him has changed because you can barely recognize who he is now.  As Philly’s best matchmakers, we know that when a man wants to leave the relationship, he usually doesn’t just come out and say, “I want to leave.”  Instead, he will do things he normally wouldn’t do, so his actions will let you know he is planning to leave you.

If you suspect your boyfriend wants to leave the relationship, read on as Philly’s best matchmakers reveal the telltale warning signs he’s planning his exit strategy.

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1. He talks about “space” all the time.

You guys have been fighting nonstop lately, and it seems like the time you do spend together is no longer fun like it once was.  In your mind, you’re just going through rough waters so you convince yourself you’ll make it through just fine.  But it seems like every time you get together something goes wrong or there’s an argument.  You are starting to realize that your problems are more serious than you imagined and like they’re not coming to an end anytime soon.

Whenever the two of you argue, he always says things like, “I need more space,” or “We spend too much time together.”  Long story short, all the arguments are about him needing more space and time to himself.

2. You fight every day.

In the early stages of your relationship, the two of you rarely got into a fight.  You enjoyed the time you spend together, but now it seems like all you do is argue.  When you used to argue before, you were able to get over it almost immediately.  But the arguments are more hurtful now and not so easy to forget about.

Now the arguments seem like they have no ending in sight.  In fact, while you’re arguing, there is more fuel added to the fire and the argument continues to linger on.  Your arguments now last for hours, and he doesn’t even apologize at the end like he once did.

3. You sense it in your gut.

If you are at a friend’s get together, he makes you feel like everyone else in the room is more important than you.  Unlike before, when he made you feel like you were the most special woman, he now makes other people feel that way.  If you hang out at his place, he’s always preoccupied on his phone or distracted by other things.  If he comes to your place, he’s always looking for an excuse to leave.

Whenever the two of you spend time together he always seems like he’s in a bad mood as soon as he sees you.  He doesn’t make efforts to start conversation, he’s stopped sharing his everyday life and activities, and he’s started to make you feel like you’re annoying.  You’ve never felt so unappreciated and undervalued by him.

4. He stopped making plans with you.

When you first started dating, he couldn’t wait for the weekend to roll around so he could see you and spend time with you.  He took you to the newest restaurants in town, on romantic getaways out of town, and even joined you for yoga classes.  He invited you over to his place and cooked you a special dinner out of nowhere to show you that you really mattered to him.  Nowadays, he doesn’t do anything sweet like that for you; in fact, he doesn’t do anything for you now.

If you see him, it’s because you call him.  If you go out to a restaurant, it’s because you invite him.  If he comes to your place, it’s because you prepare him a meal.  Of course, he still hangs out with other people, but when it comes to hanging out with you, it’s always you who initiates it.

5. He’s making plans without you.

As we said earlier, this is a telltale sign he’s checked out.  It’s not just that he’s started making plans with other people without including you, it goes deeper than that.  The reason he has started making plans with others and not you is because he wants to avoid you at all costs.  He intentionally makes plans with everyone else so that when you ask him to hang out, his schedule is already jam packed.  He might even tell you that he’s going on a guys’ weekend getaway just so he doesn’t have to answer your calls, or he might take extra hours at work so he doesn’t have to spend time with you.

Your boyfriend will never admit it, but he’s looking for ways to get away from you.  If you have a feeling that your boyfriend wants to leave the relationship and is becoming distant with you, you might be right.

6. Everything you do irritates him.

As Philly’s best matchmakers, we know that everyone in the world has flaws.  That’s right, even you have some bad habits and personality flaws, but we all do.  Maybe you bite your nails and spit them on the floor, or perhaps you have mood swings and temper tantrums.  When he first started dating you, he didn’t mind those little flaws.  But now that he wants to leave, everything you do annoys him.

Your boyfriend has zero tolerance when it comes to your flaws and quirks now.  Instead of seeing your flaws as something that makes you unique, he is now disgusted by them.  When you bite your nails, he lashes out on you in anger and calls you every word in the book.  He constantly nags you whenever you do something that irritates him and yells at you for just being yourself.

Ladies, if you notice a few of these signs with your boyfriend, let him leave.  As Philly’s best matchmakers, we know there is a man out there who is ideal for you.  And although you haven’t found him yet, we’re almost certain that we can find him for you.  Let our matchmakers here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service introduce you to quality men in Philly who are truly compatible with you.

To start meeting compatible single men in Philadelphia, fill out the quick and easy survey at the top of the page to join us for a FREE (90 minute) matchmaking consultation today!

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