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Are you ready to spice things up? Our matchmaking professionals here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service will teach you 7 distinct ways to create intimacy with your partner.

No one in the world has the perfect relationship. Remember all those movies, books, magazines, and annoying pictures on Facebook that you are forced to look at daily? Well, none of them are real.

Couples all over the world have been fooled into thinking that what makes a relationship work is having lovey dovey moments while neglecting the rest. But in order to have a successful relationship, our Philadelphia matchmakers know that couples need to invest more time and energy every day. Being in the dating and matchmaking industry for over 25 years has taught us that relationships require a lot of work from both partners. Today, our expert matchmakers will teach you everything you need to create intimacy with your partner.


The Most Intimate Things You & Your Partner Need to Do

The same way that unicorns don’t exist, neither do perfect relationships. In the end, it’s all about coexisting and building a life together, with another person you love and care for. Here is a compilation of romantic things you can do with your partner to create intimacy for many years to come. Follow these 7 helpful tips from our expert matchmakers and you’ll be able to maintain a happy and healthy relationship with your partner.

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1. Write Love Notes

Let’s start out our list with something romantic. Leaving each other love notes is a simple yet effective way you can create intimacy with your partner. When you’re writing something down for your partner, you are basically sealing your message and all your feelings.

You can leave little posts throughout the house, in your partner’s suitcase if they’re going for a trip, in their underwear drawer, or in their briefcase. You may giggle now, but you will be surprised at how far this little gesture can go. Not only will it remind your partner that someone at home loves them, but it will also increase the level of intimacy between the two of you. If you don’t live together or one of you is away on business, you can send your partner an email or a text message with sweet words of encouragement.
2. Preparing Meals

Cooking for each other is a must if you want to increase the level of intimacy in your relationship. Whether you decide to do it as a team or take turns preparing meals, it will connect the two of you together. No matter if you are a rookie in the kitchen or you’re a glorified chef, preparing meals together will strengthen your bond and increase the connection between you and your partner.

3. Financial Planning

As dull as this might sound, discussing your finances and your goals is important for the intimacy of two people. It is always good to know the state of your affairs and to let him or her know what you plan on doing for the future in regards to money.

For example, if you’re in financial distress and finally decide to share this embarrassing information with your partner, he or she might give you advice and help you control how much money you spend.
A little word of caution: Don’t jump into opening accounts together too fast or giving your partner a credit card if they are not very good with money matters.

4. Sharing Secrets

Another helpful way to create intimacy with your partner is by sharing your deepest secrets. Whether it’s a traumatic experience that made you afraid of clowns or an embarrassing incident you had growing up, there is no shame in sharing secrets with your significant other. Not only will you get to know your partner better, but you will also trust them and they will trust you more, which our Philadelphia matchmakers know creates more intimacy.

5. Always Be Honest

If you want to create intimacy in your relationship, then you need to be honest with each other. And there is no way around this one. A relationship that is solely built on lies does not stand the slightest chance of surviving.

Sit your partner down and be honest with each other about what the two of you want from the relationship. Tell your partner how you really feel and just be as honest as possible with them. The whole point of being able to find a partner is to be able to share a life together, and that means not having to second guess them when they’re telling you something.


6. Use Pet Names

Those who are in long term relationships will tell you one thing and that is that calling their significant others by their real name is awkward and too formal. To create intimacy in your relationship our matchmakers encourage you to pick pet names for each other instead of using your real names all the time. From basic ones like “sweetie,” “babe,” or “Hun” to the extreme like, “baby cakes,” “Pooh bear,” or “baby pie,” you’ll notice the bond between you is stronger.

7. Schedule Date Nights Often

Creating strong intimacy between two partners does take a lot of efforts, and we would never lie to you. If you want to keep you relationship going strong, you need to do whatever it takes to create that intimacy. If both of you are devoting too much time to your careers, your children, or other activities, then your relationship is going to suffer. What our Philadelphia matchmakers suggest is to make some adjustments. No matter how busy your lifestyle is, you need to make time for your partner.

Intimacy is more than just having sex; it’s way deeper than that. It’s understanding each other through many scenarios, it’s about being open and honest with each other. It’s about being candid, whether it’s accepting each other despite your flaws or sharing your deepest secrets. Building intimacy is an essential part of a long and happy relationship.

Every couple has their own unique way of showing intimacy for each other. Let’s hope that with these 7 simple ways to create intimacy in your relationship you’re able to do the same. After all, there is nothing like the bond you share with your loved one. Let’s hope these helpful tips from our Philadelphia matchmakers will work for you as they have worked for many couples in the past.

If you’re looking to meet like-minded, compatible singles in Philly, contact our matchmaking professionals here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service and let us help you find them!

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