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Long gone are the days where you dated someone who was introduced to you by a coworker, friend, or family member. Today, introductions happen through mobile dating apps and online dating sites. Many singles in King of Prussia are turning to online dating in Philadelphia with hopes of finding love. But as Philly matchmakers, we know that’s a problem because online dating sites are risky.

Online dating sites are flooded with predators who aren’t looking for love but rather to cause harm on others. We want you to find love, even if you choose the route of online dating, which is why we’re here to provide you with some safety tips to protect yourself in the very risky online dating world. Get ready as our Philly matchmakers show you how to play it safe online.

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1. Do your research before you meet him.

When you first talk to someone online, you must find out their name, preferences, interests, hobbies, profession, and everything else you would normally want to know about a date. The more you chat in the online dating world, the more you can check the facts. Liars will struggle to remember the lies they tell, so the more you get him talking, the better it will be for you. If someone is telling the truth, their story will never change. Get digging to find out as much as you can and to ensure everything matches up.

2. Do not share your personal information.

In today’s risky world, it’s sad to say that people are only concerned with themselves. Many strangers in the online dating world will have no problems taking advantage of you. Many times it’s the nurturing woman with the big heart that gets taken advantage of online. If someone online asks for your personal information, do not give it to them regardless of how pitiful his situation seems. Sad to say, but it’s his problem, not yours.

Even if you meet him in person and he seems to be trustworthy, do not give him your information just yet. For all you know, he could be playing a game with you. Con artists know all-too-well how to get women to open up. If you’re unsure about his intentions or something doesn’t feel quite right, do a background check on him and see what you find. There is no harm in covering all your bases, especially when your life is at risk (and with online dating sites, it is).

3. Get his number before you meet him.

Before you agree to meet up with him, you need to get his phone number and call him at different times of the day to ensure it’s his. Then, share that number with your closest friends and family members so they know who you’re going to meet. Although this might seem weird, it is pertinent to protect yourself in case something happens. If someone else has his number and you go missing for a few hours, the police will be able to track him with the number. It might sound like a drastic measure, but you just never know who you’re going to meet online, which takes us to our next safety tip.

4. Tell someone who you’re meeting, where, and when.

How many times have you been told that it’s better to be safe than sorry? Well, this is especially true when it comes to online dating. Let your friends and family members know who you’re meeting, when, and where. Again, this might sound drastic, but it’s a safety precaution you don’t want to neglect.

Say you go missing or something goes wrong. Your family and friends will not only know his phone number, but they’ll also know your last whereabouts and who you were with. In addition to letting them know where you’re going to be, give your friends and family a description (or better yet, a picture) of the guy you’re meeting.

5. NEVER let him pick you up at home.

Let’s be honest here, if you meet a man online, you really don’t know anything about him except what he tells you. So why in the world would you let him pick you up at your home? Not only is this risky for you, but it can be risky for your children if you have any, or for whoever else lives with you.

Even if he’s not picking you up with bad intentions, what if he’s not your type? Do you really want a psycho to know where you live when you turn him down? If he doesn’t know your address, then you decrease the chances of him hunting you down. If you’re meeting a guy from an online dating site, always meet him in a crowded public place, preferably somewhere you’re very familiar with, somewhere that makes you feel safe and secure. If he insists it’s the gentlemanly thing to pick you up, simply tell him no, that you’ll just meet him at the date location.

6. Text friends and family throughout the date.

This is an awesome safety tip in case you were to be abducted. Why? Because the police will have a timeframe of when things went wrong. This might sound worrisome, but it’s the honest truth when dabbling in the online dating world. Letting your friends know when you arrive and how the date is going, lets them know you’re safe. It is important to keep in communication with them in case something happens to you. As matchmakers, we always advise against distractions on a date, but when you’re meeting someone from online, the rules change.

Online dating in Philadelphia can be scary because you never who you’re going to meet. If after reading these safety tips you come to realize that online dating isn’t worth the risks, then it’s time to try a safe and risk-free way of dating in Philly. Our matchmakers will only introduce you to singles in King of Prussia who have been thoroughly prescreened and background checked to ensure your safety. No more worries about who you’re meeting and if you’ll make it home.

Here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service, we’re all about helping singles in King of Prussia find love in a safe, private, and enjoyable way. To reserve your FREE 90 minute matchmaking consultation with our Philly matchmakers, fill out the private form at the top of this page today. It’s time to date with peace of mind so you can relax and spark a true connection.

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