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In a world that is dominated by couple and relationships, it seems like being single is looked down upon.  But it doesn’t have to be that way, and it shouldn’t be that way.  You can be single and still be happy.  As professional matchmakers, we know there are thousands of successful single women in Philadelphia who lead very satisfying and fulfilling lives.

Here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service, we create happy relationships and know that love is one of the most rewarding experiences.  While it’s nice to have someone to love, cuddle, and support you through the dark days, there is nothing wrong with spending time by yourself.  After all, the relationship with yourself is the most exciting and fulfilling relationship you will ever have.

There are many perks to settling down in a committed relationship, but just because you don’t have one right now doesn’t mean you have to stop living your life.  Instead, you can enjoy your single days and make the most of them.  Today, our Philly matchmakers are going to show you why successful women stay single longer.

single women in philadelphia

1. You deserve an awesome man.

When you started your career, you did not settle for mediocre, which is the reason you’re so successful today.  We want you to know that the same rule applies to men.

You are single today because you refuse to settle for anything less than you deserve.  As you might already know, the Philadelphia dating scene today revolves around the hookups and casual encounters.  This hookup culture is not what you’re after.  You’re not going to waste your energy on people who want to waste your time.  You will never give a guy a chance if he doesn’t fit your standards and doesn’t share the same dating expectations—good for you.

2. You like doing what you want, when you want.

You enjoy your life as it is today because it allows you to go along as you please.  You can enjoy dinner on the couch, sleep in the middle of the bed, and watch all the shows you love to watch at night.  Although it would be nice to have a partner by your side, you’re just doing what you want and enjoying it for now.

3. You don’t like to take risks.

After many years of failed attempted in the Philly dating scene, you’re no longer a risk taker like you used to be.  Now, you don’t wear your heart on your sleeve and are very cautious who you date.  Just like you wouldn’t cliff jump or skydive nowadays, you’re not going to give jerks and bad boys another shot either.  You no longer live for the thrill, nowadays you’re happy with your ordinary life.

4. You’re very unique, making it tough to find someone compatible.

You know you’re very special, and friends and family tell you that you’re a great catch.  But these great qualities of yours are actually hindering you from finding love.  You’re so unique that it’s not easy to find someone who is right for you.

5. You have a lot of priorities that don’t include a plus one.

Many single women in Philadelphia have created a life that is perfect for them.  Maybe you have many priorities in life that don’t include a man.  Maybe your goal is to work up the career ladder and become the head of the company, or perhaps you want to open your own business from the ground up.  If you’re a woman who has many life goals of her own, it will be very hard to find a man because you devote most of your time to achieving those dreams.  You have an identity of your own that doesn’t involve a boyfriend or husband.  You are 100 percent complete on your own.

6. You love the excitement of new relationships.

You enjoy dating, but that’s as far as your dating life goes.  You can’t imagine being in a relationship with someone for the rest of your life.  One of the reasons there are so many single women in Philadelphia is because many of them are not ready to settle down.

7. You like to date and want to see what’s out there.

Just like winetasting at a local vineyard allows you to experience different wines, the Philadelphia dating scene allows you to try out different things too.  Maybe you’re a younger woman who is just starting her career and life and you just want to date to see what’s out there for you.  You’re in no hurry to settle down with the first flavor you come across—kudos to you.

8. You don’t want to share your hard earned money.

You made it this far in life and are very successful.  You know that once you get into a relationship, it’s likely to become 50/50 and that you’ll have to watch your spending because someone else will be in the picture.  You aren’t ready to give up the life you lead because of a boyfriend.

9. You don’t like checking with anyone.

You’ve become so independent in life that you do things whenever you want.  If you want to eat a slice of cold pizza in bed on Saturday morning, that’s what you do.  If you want to read a book on the sofa with the TV off, then that’s what you do.  If you want to wake up early and go for a run, you do.  You don’t like checking with anyone.

10. You love your freedom.

Your singlehood allows you to do whatever you want at any time.  If you want to travel to Hawaii for your summer vacay, then so be it.  When was the last time one of your married friends could do that?

11. You’re in a relationship with yourself.

You don’t need to commit to a man if you are committed to yourself.  You have created a life where you can count on yourself for everything.  You are your own provider, you take care of yourself, and you have fun on your own—you have it all.

As professional matchmakers, we know how important and rewarding it is to find a partner you can share your life with.  But if you are one of the many successful single women in Philadelphia who just can’t seem to find a boyfriend, then maybe it’s because of one of the things our dating experts mentioned above.  If you are tired of being single and want to meet quality men who will enhance your already fulfilling life, contact our Philly matchmakers today to schedule your FREE 90 minute matchmaking consultation.

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