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Here at Philadelphia Singles we take great pride in matching our members. Everyday matches are being made and members are falling in love. Below are some of the members who found love at Philadelphia Singles.
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Barbara is a beautiful lady. I’m impressed with her and hope this referral turns into a lasting relationship. She is by far the best referral Iv’e received. I had a different feeling when I received a call about her. Very pleased with this referral, looking forward to seeing where this relationship will go.  Thank you Philadelphia Singles for the great referral.

- Russel

Eric and Jenys

We knew we were a wonderful match right from the start.  A late Sunday night drink turned into a night filled with easy conversations, a stroll, and a kiss. I have not been able to get him off my mind since.  Eric is incredibly handsome and very humble.  The thing I most love about Eric are the intangibles.  You meet him and you sense that he is a really good person even though you don’t know why.  As you get to know him you’ll realize that he really knows what is important in life.   We’ve been dating ever since!  I am very happy.  I dare say we are very happy.  Thank you Philadelphia Singles for introducing us.

- Jennys

I would like to personally thank Pam and her team of matchmakers at Philadelphia Singles for making this referral possible. April I seem to be perfect for each other.  We share many qualities such as optimism, kindness, generosity along with family values high morale standards and honesty. We also share the same understanding of what it takes to make relationship to work and we are both willing to give this a shot!  Thank you for listening  to my request and offering me expert advice. The matchmakers at Philadelphia Singles showed me that there is no price one can put on happiness.

- Mike

I am very happy. This is something I have been missing in my life for a number of years now and I am glad I found this. Thank you very much, I look forward to seeing where this relationship leads. 

- Richard

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