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While dating can be boring and frustrating at times, it can also be fun and exciting if done right.  If you are searching for love in Philadelphia, you’re bound to go on many dates.

We all know love is hard to find, especially in a big city like Philly.  And if you’re going on many bad dates, you’re probably dreading going on another.  Despite the amount of time it takes to find a quality partner, dating is a valuable lesson for you.  Every date you go on will teach you something new.

If you want to make your first, second, and third dates more fun and exciting, you definitely want to take a list at the list below.  These Philly date night ideas are better than the standard dinner and movie dates and will surely leave a lasting impressions.  They are perfect for Philadelphia singles searching for the one or even for couples who have been together for many years.

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1. Enjoy an Evening Picnic

Did you know that you could have a picnic in the evening?  Sure you can.  They are great and provide you with the perfect atmosphere to talk to your date.  Now that the hot days of summer are winding down, why not enjoy a cool evening picnic watching the transition of the seasons together?  Picnic dates are great because they provide you with uninterrupted time for you and your date to open up and get to know each other.

2. Go to an Arcade

Is your date a fun-loving person?  Then why not do something fun and exciting and take them to a local arcade where you can be kids again?  This will bring out the inner player in your date and will let you know just how fun and competitive they are.  You can also find out if they are a sore loser or a boastful winner.  Arcade games are fun and exciting and will give you plenty of opportunities to share a good laugh.  This is a Philly date night idea that you don’t have to worry so much.  This date is all about letting your hair loose and having a good time.

3. Go for a Boat Ride

Plan something really out of the ordinary by going for a boat ride in the evening.  Believe us, nothing beats this kind of romance.  Watching the sunset together over the glistening waters will be unforgettable.  Try to find a location with pretty lights in the background so you can take in the beauty and relax the evening away.  Your date will be delighted with this date idea and will never forget this evening boat ride together.

4. Go to a Theater

Philly is known for being artsy and there are thousands of artsy people in the city.  Whether you choose a night of graceful ballet or a relaxing play, going to a theater will bring fun and excitement to your usual dates.  Even if you don’t think it’s for you, this is definitely a date idea you must try at least once, especially if you know your date would enjoy it.

5. Go to a Drive-In

This one might be hard to find, depending on the time of year.  But there are a few places around Philly and Jersey that might offer this one.  Drive-in movies were a hit back in the day and can be a hit today if you do it right.  Bring a few snacks and drinks and get comfy for a movie on the big outdoor screen.  Don’t be afraid to steal a few kisses if you’re already dating or in a serious relationship.  Nothing beats this kind of old-fashioned romance.

6. Get Cooking

You don’t have to be a chef to pull off a great meal for your date.  There are thousands of recipes online for beginners, so don’t sweat it.  You can get flirty with your date by preparing a meal together or impress them by preparing one on your own.  If you cook dinner together, this is a fantastic way to see how the two of you work as a team.

7. Take Dance Lessons

Do you love to dance the nights away?  Then why not take some dance lessons?  There are many dance schools and clubs that offer dance classes in Philly.  Don’t be afraid to show off your moves and impress your date with your dance skills and fancy footwork.

8. Dinner at Home

If you already know your date’s favorite cuisine, then why not invite them over for a romantic dinner at home?  Of course, this is only a great idea if the two of you are already comfortable with each other and you know how to pull off a great meal.  If you are a man that can cook, brownie points for you!  Every woman loves a man who knows his way around the kitchen.

9. Check out a Philly Festival

There are many festivals happening now that fall is in the air.  Enjoy a night at a local carnival or festival indulging in your favorite festival foods.  From cotton candy to funnel, and everything apple and pumpkin, there is just too much to be enjoyed this time of year.  And don’t forget to win a few prizes for your date.  Sure, this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s a great way to get out and enjoy the local Philly fun with your date.

10. Go Ice-Skating

Now that fall is here, why not get into the festive spirit by hitting up a local ice-skating rink?  Whether you have pro ice-skating skills or you’re just a rookie, ice-skating dates are fun for everyone.  Go ahead, we dare you.  Teach your date how to skate or hold onto them for dear life and watch how much fun you have together.

Remember that dating is about impressing the person you’re going out with.  First impressions definitely matter when you’re looking for love in Philadelphia, so make sure you plan your dates accordingly.

Think long and hard before you choose a Philly date night idea.  The date has to focus on something your date likes to do.  You can’t take someone to a steakhouse if they are vegan, and you wouldn’t take someone on a boat ride if they’re deathly afraid of water.  If your date enjoys what you planned, you’re going to impression them and spark a connection.

If you’re not meeting the right partners on your own, let us help spice up your love life.  Fill out the private form at the top of the page to start meeting quality singles today.

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