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Professional matchmakers from Philadelphia Singles will share insightful advice for winning over your boyfriend’s friends.

As if meeting his parents wasn’t frightening enough, now you’re going before his group of friends, which we know can be downright scary. His best friends are a huge part of his life, which means it’s crucial you get along with them… No pressure, right?

Today, our Philadelphia matchmakers will share some helpful insight on how you can get two thumbs up from all his friends.

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How to Win His Friends, Tip #1: Be Sensitive with Their Feelings

As macho and muscular as they might be, men can be very protective of each other, especially if they fear one of their members is going to fly away from their nest. While you are floating up on cloud 9, his friends are probably preparing to fly the “Lost Friend” flag around because one of their members has now left the nest. No more Friday nights out, no more Tuesday poker nights, no more BBQs and drinking beers—this is a lot to take.

Instead of having them worried about their friend being on lock down, it’s your job to show them there is no need to feel this way. But how do you do this? Well, by encouraging your boyfriend to arrange future nights with the guys. Instead of encouraging your man to go out and get wasted, invite him and his friends over to your house for a football night in. Grab their favorite beer and prepare some amazing game time snacks. Showing them that you are not trying to steal him away is a great way to impress his friends.

How to Win His Friends, Tip #2: Food

Of course here at Philadelphia Singles we don’t like making generalizations, but a little bird has just whispered into our ears and told us that the way to a man’s heart is through his belly. Just made a big pot of chili? How about some fresh baked cookies? Send your boyfriend away with a round of the dish and treats and the plate will come back empty. Trust us that they will remember you were the one who prepared that delicious snack.

How to Win His Friends, Tip #3: Don’t Try Too Hard

We know that when you are feeling nervous, you are bound to try too hard. But here’s the thing with trying too hard, you’re going to come off as fake. Don’t go out of your way to become confident and outgoing because they might see it as annoying. Smile and talk when you feel it’s necessary, but never talk incessantly just for the sake of it. It’s bound to have the opposite effect.

How to Win His Friends, Tip #4: Don’t Act Too Girly

Yes, you are a lady. Yes, you are a woman. You should just be the way you always are. We just want to make sure you don’t overdo it with the girly chat. While your might girls might thrive off the latest conversation about the Real Housewives, dresses, or shoes, you need to realize that you are not speaking to your girlfriends. When you are surrounded by men be aware that they don’t get a kick out of these things like you do. Unless the disagreement of the two girls you’re talking about ended in mud wrestling, your boyfriend’s friends probably don’t want to hear about it.


How to Win His Friends, Tip #5: Give Them Their Space

Just like you need alone time in you relationship, sometimes men need alone time when they’re hanging out with their friends. If your boyfriend has always had poker night in with his friends on a Tuesday night, don’t expect that ritual to change because he’s dating you. Nothing can turn friends off quicker than a girlfriend that wants to break the relationship with their friend. Alone time with the guys is a necessity, so be sure you understand that.

How to Win His Friends, Tip #6: Get Involved in the Conversation

We all know that men and women come from two different planets, so it’s no surprise there are many differences. If your man’s friends are talking about something you don’t like or something you never heard of before, don’t automatically tune it out. Instead, you should try to get yourself involved in the conversation by asking questions about it. Men love teaching others around them, so they will surely like showing you some of their interests.

How to Win His Friends, Tip #7: Have Them Over

If you are really serious about impressing your boyfriend’s friends, invite them over to your house for a backyard BBQ. Here at Philadelphia Singles, our matchmakers really like this one because you can invite some of your female friends over too. Who knows, maybe some of his friends will end up liking some of your friends. Either way, this gesture shows you’re serious about being friends with them rather than just putting up with them because you have to.

How to Win His Friends, Tip #8: Be Nice to Your Boyfriend

If you are always throwing temper tantrums or treating him like a rug by walking all over him, chances are that he has probably told his friends, causing them not to like you. In his friends’ eyes, you will be Cruella Deville. If you’re always treating him badly, it’s going to his friends badmouth you, and you can bet they’ll be telling him to move on and get over you.

On the flipside, if you are always nice to him, whether it’s behind closed doors or in public, his buddies will love you and want to get to know you more because they see how happy you make their friend.

How to Win His Friends, Tip #9: Don’t Speak Poorly of His Friends

Even if it’s obvious that Tom is loud and obnoxious or that Justin is a drunk monster and always spills beer when he comes over, don’t harp about it. If you go on and on about all your boyfriend’s friends’ faults, chances are your boyfriend is going to have to pick sides. And if Tom and Justin are his childhood friends, you’re going to put him in a big predicament. Try to be positive when you talk about his friends, even if you know you’re right in your head. If you want to keep your boyfriend happy in the relationship, do your best to be nice to his friends.

If you’re currently single and looking to meet quality singles in Philly, contact our dating and relationship experts here at Philadelphia Singles to set up a consultation today. We’ll introduce you to compatible singles who are also serious about dating.

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