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The Philadelphia dating scene is tough to navigate. As West Chester matchmakers with over 30 years in the Philly matchmaking industry, we know that women today have it much harder than women in years past. Figuring out a guy’s true intentions is a lot more difficult than it was a few decades ago. Nowadays, many men aren’t ready to settle down and commit to just one woman. But they can sure do a great job of leading a woman on.

Let’s face it, some guys know all the right things to say and do to make you fall in love with them right away, even if they only see you as a fling. So how do you know when a guy is playing you? How can you tell if he’s toying with your emotions and stringing you along?

Read on and discover the easiest ways to tell he’s leading you on as our West Chester matchmakers reveal the warning signs. No matter how much you like him, don’t ignore these red flags that let you know he’s trying to take advantage of you.

1. He finds every excuse so that he doesn’t have to commit.

Smartphone obsession causing problems

“I just want to make sure it feels right.” “I would just like to take things slow and see how it goes.” “I think you’re great and I don’t want to mess it up by starting the relationship off too fast.” These are all valid when you first start dating, but if you’re still getting these lame, overplayed excuses after months and months of dating, you can stop giving him the benefit of the doubt. Sadly, he may never be ready to give up his single life for you.

2. He hasn’t deleted his dating apps and online dating profiles.

Even if you two haven’t specifically had the “What are we?” talk yet, most people delete their dating apps and online dating profiles on their phone once they’re relatively sure they’ve found the one. If he hasn’t deleted his dating apps, it’s not because he forgot. Oh, no, he’s still on the prowl. And whether he’s just looking for an ego boost or still looking for a hook up, don’t let him fool you into thinking he’s pursuing something serious with you. If he insists on keeping his options open, you should insist on moving on.

3. He’s dismissive of your role in his life.

Bringing you into his social group isn’t a surefire sign he’s not playing you. Pay attention to how he speaks to you and about you. Is he making a point to introduce you as his “friend?” If one of his buddies asks about your relationship, does he reply that you’re “Just talking” or something along those lines? If so, you’ve just learned what you truly mean to him.

4. You never hang out at his place.

Some people have terrible roommates, live in a bad area, or simply have an inconvenient housing situation – perhaps roommates. At some point, though, it starts to become suspicious if he constantly insists that you two hang out at your place, especially if you’ve literally never even seen where he lives. Not only does this suggest that he might have some deal breakers, but it can also mean that he doesn’t want you to see something else, something far worse. Perhaps he doesn’t want you to spot evidence of another woman being at his place – or worse yet, that he lives with another woman – his real girlfriend.

5. He makes a point to emphasize that he’s single.

Do yourself a favor and take his word when he says that you’re not his official girlfriend. Even if you do everything that committed couples do, even if he’s spending almost every day with you, even if he has a cute pet name for you, you’re only fooling yourself if you expect him to be exclusive with you when he throws out phrases like, “If we ever become a couple.” He’s just ensuring he doesn’t end up looking like the bad guy when he inevitably hooks up with someone else. If he’s blatantly throwing it out there that you’re not exclusive, take his claims at face value.

Ladies, we know it’s not always easy to see the signs you’re being strung along. And it’s even harder when you want nothing but his whole heart. But there you have it, ladies – the top five signs he’s merely leading you on. If you notice a couple of these red flags with the guy you’re seeing, save yourself the heartache and move on. You deserve so much more. You deserve the real deal, someone who is honest and open about their dating intentions and would never string you along.

If you’re tired of meeting losers, jerks, and players, contact our West Chester matchmakers today and let us do the hard work of dating for you. Let our dating experts introduce you to quality single men in Philadelphia who are serious about dating and falling in love.

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